Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31: fast-breaking news

The stories come so fast, it's hard to keep up. A former chief of British intelligence has testified that Tony Blair lied to the British parliament about the need to got to war with Iraq. Iraq posed no threat to Britian; and Blair knew it. (It follows, then, that Bush knew as well.

An aide to former vice-president Dick Cheney has charged his  former boss with war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. (You remember Cheney. He was one of those who helped to hang Saddam Hussein for using poison gas the US had supplied to him.)

The US Treasury has released a report that the bank bailouts came much earlier than we thought, and have been many times higher than we were told.

It's lucky thing Irene missed Haiti. Hundreds of thousands in that unhappy land having been living in tents ever since their ramshackle homes were destroyed. They have to live in tents because Obama has never delivered a penny of the aid he promised.

Thousands in Somalia are dying of starvation. But we are too busy bombing other thousands in Libya to help them.

There are many breaking stories like this. But you won't find them in the Moncton Times. There, the big news for today is that is  another motorcycle rally is coming to Moncton. Whoo-ee! The hotels will be filled. God's in His heaven, and all's right with the world.

And we're going to try for a CFL team, I think yes, this is just what Moncton needs. At a time when our schools can't afford proper teaching conditions for our children, when our snow removal is worse that most villages, when the world is sitting at the edge of an economic collapse, what this city needs most of all is a CFL team. The whole world is watching us.

Oh, one piece of news sneaked in. (Somebody will get fired tor that.) The rebel leader (whom the T&T has not told us is a CIA agent and has been for 20 years) has announced a death toll in Libya is so far over 70,000. It's safe bet that's is really over twice that, with cvilians almost certainly in the majority.. We have, remember, dropped tens of thousands tons of bombs as part of our humanitarian aid.

The New Brunswick papers are not the only ones to ignore what's happening. They're just the worst.

But, wow, a motorcycle rally? As Archie the cockroach wrote:

What the hell.
Toujours gai.


  1. Graeme, you need a proof reader. Spelling errors are rampant

  2. Rampant?
    I left an i out of civilian. that's it.
    There are six other mistakes - but they aren't spelling.(I left out a bracket; and left out the words the, taht, a of, and is.
    But only one spelling mistake.
    Some day, you'll be old and have arthritis in your fingers.