Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26: addendum

Google Atantica energy site. Fascinating. It's a consortium, largely of business, which claims to represent you and me, too. Members include, SWN Canada, Brunswick Pipeline, Emera Inc., Irving, other energy companies.. And University of New Brunswick at St. John! How's that for academic freedom and independence? We can guess now why the universities have been so silent about fracking.

The boards of directors are also interesting. Rather few Maritimers in them. Maine is there, though. After all, it's part of the energy area they plan to invest in (control). The TD is very prominent. Don't we have an ex-prime minister of NB who is now prominent in the TD? Also prominent among the directors are perople associated with western energy firms.

How come the Moncton Times&Telegraph has never mentioned that?  Maybe they aren't allowed to use google on their computers.

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