Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23: Layton and th the newspapers

I felt more than a little disgust as I read through the newspapers this mornng. All of them gave extensive coverage to Jack Layton, praising his sense of prinicple, of purpose, or service. I felt disgust, for all the lavish praise, because not one of those papers had, in his career, every supported Layton's principle, purpose or service. Instead, they supported hacks, scoundrels, servants of the wealthy, incompetents. And they will continue to do so.

In its last edition before the New Brunswick election, The Moncton Times and Transcript didn't even mention Lalyton's candidates and supporters in this region. The only stories were about Liberal and Conservative candidates.

Layton was, indeed, a man of principle, sincerity, love, caring. There was in him, as even his enemies recognized, compassion and greatness. Will it be possible to say the same of our current political leaders? With a straight face?

Read Layton's letter, the one he dictated when knowing he was close to death. It is a letter to the Canadian people. It's a letter about compassion and love and cooperation. And he believed it. Is it possible to imagine such principles have guided McKenna? Harper? Alward? Even among certain Christian churches which preach those principals, it is notable how much they have become a vote bank for Harper - and for everthing that is not principled or compassionate.

Layton lived by the core principles of Christianity, Judaism, Islam - of almost all major religions of the world. Too bad we don't.

Layton is also the subject of the editorial cartoon by deAdder. And it's a good one. Right under it is a column by Alec Bruce that, perhaps by soincidence, carries the same gentle theme.

The editorial is back to growling in its kennel, growling more hypocrisy - and an astonishing piece of information.

The editor has the nerve to write that we meed more dialogue on gas exploration. This is the sort of unprincipled bilge we get from NBMedia which has done everything possible to discourage dialogue from the start. We can guess exactly what sort is "dialogue" is meant - propaganda from gas company spin doctors and whatever PR flacks they can hire.

After all the pretend praise for Jack Layton, it's disgusting to see such an editorial.

But there is one cute part. At the end, it says we have at least two years to put more rules and regulations in place. Hey! This has been going on for years. And now the T&T suggests we still don't have enough rules and regulations in place. And this coming on top of a statement from the provincial minister for the destruction of the environment that we haven't even completed the basic studies needed to deecide on rules and regulations?

But our government gave permission for this exploration to begin years ago. And the current government had it in its platform. And they don't have adequate rules and regulations? Or basic studies? And they still don't?

Why on earth whould anybody in the province trust business leaders, politicians and newpapers who allowed this to happen? And who have deliberately covered up all the information we need even to discuss it?

Make njo mistake. This is a replay of Shawn Graham's proposal to sell  NBEnergy. It has the same objective - privatization and monopoly control of a basic necessity of life.

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