Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18: The big story: puppies are cute

That really is the biggest story, in terms of space, to appear in The Moncton TimesTranscript today. Seven puppies have found homes. A-a-a-ah. Isn't that cute?

Meanwhile, there is not a mention of shale gas despite the claim that this is the future of New Brunswick. There is no mention of how much money the province can expect to make out of it. (lots and lots is not a clear answer.)

There is no mention of where this exciting work is going on, no mention of serious problems with shale gas exploration that are showing up across the US. We still don't know why Quebec put a moratorium on it, or why American insurance companies are refusing to insure proporties that are even near exploration wells.  The T&T has given us no idea of how much of our fresh water will be diverted for this exploration. If you guess lots and lots, then guess again.  It's lots and lots and lots and lots. When you thinik of it in litres, think in millions. What effect will this have on our fresh water supply? You won't find out from the T&T.

On this point,ever notice some similarites with the past? Think - Alward and shale gas - Shawn Graham and NB Energy.

But why bother thinking about anythng when you have that wonderful story about cute puppies?

NewsToday was its usual nothing. Again, we get the war in Syria (in which we are killing people). But we still have not been told why we're in that war. We still don't know who the rebels are or what they want. We are told that Libyans all hate Gaddafi.. So how come  he can still hold on against rebels who have the massive support of Nato air power, naval power, plus NATO supplies of weapons, ammunition and money?

The story reports rebels claiming to have found a mass grave of civilians killed by Gaddafi. There's not evdience. They just say it. There is evidence of mass murder, rape and looting by the rebels. There are also stories of all Blacks being expelled from a city captured by rebels. But there was not mention of this in the T&T.

Doesn't anybody at the T&T follow world news or ask questions? Or is it just "Duh- you say it. we'll print it."

Yesterday, the editorial took the line that surveillance cameras are a good idea to make Moncton safer. Today, Alec Bruce took the oppoisite tack, that the cameras are step toward the police state with unlimited electronic suveillance from cameras to the web, gathering private information (wihtout informing us), and informationo that can be used against us by anybody in government or with influence for personal or political reasons.

Both yesterday's editorial and Bruce's column of today  are reasonable and well written. I think both are right. I have seen cameras used very effectively to spot reckelss driving, and to prevent it from happening in the first place. I have also seen electronic spying used for purely political and economic control over us.  Once that happens, democracy is over.

Today's editorial was almost good. The writer destroyed it toward the end when it revived an old T&T lie - which it knows is a lie. The writer included Superintendant Branscombe in the blame for the problems of maintenance at Moncton High. Anybody who knows anything about public institutions knows that the only body with the power to order timely maintenance, and especially expensive maintenance on public schools is the provincial government. The government was warned. years in advance. It was asked again and again to make the repairs possible.

Unforutnately, New Brunswick governments have been characterized by minister of education who are, intellectually, differently advantaged. And successive governments, including the present one,  have proven they don't give a damn about the condition of safety of our schools, our teachers or our children. It is not possible the editorial writer did not know that.

Would anyone at the Moncton Times dare to make any such comment concerning faults of the Irvings or McCains?

The Op Ed page has a column by Jody Dallaire that is an angry one, and with tood reason. It's well-inofrmed, well-written, and powerful..

Tomorrow in this space - how to stir-fry puppies.

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