Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15: Useless news....

Almost every day, the Moncton Times and Transcript runs a long story which, if you read it closely, means nobody really knows what's going on. That's a lot of reading to learn nothing. Nor do I want to stick it just ot the T&T for this. Almost all the North American press is just as bad.

Well, they don't need Reuters for news - nor should they pay it when Reuters has nothing to say. What they could do at no cost but the exertion of a little common sense is to ask questions. Why is there a war in Libya? Exactly who are the rebels? Why are they rebels? Why are Canadians killing Libyans? Have they attacked Canada?

The paper could also deal with the silly reasons floating around. A simple check of google would blow all of them away in a few minutes. For example...

1. Colonel Ghaddaffi is not a democrat. 

The King of Saudi Arabia is not a democrat,either. In fact, the US has quite a collection of dictators it supports - and of  democraciesit has overthrown. As for the rebels, we have no information whatever about their political views. They might be democrats. But I think it unlikely.

2. Canada is obliged to take part in this as a member of NATO.

No. It's not.

In fact, some NATO members are not taking part. NATO has no power to make any member do what it doesn't want to do.

3. Our intervention is sanctioned by the UN.

No. It's not.

The UN sanctioned keeping the skies free of military aircraft. That's all. It specifically warned that NATO was not to take sides, and not to endanger civilians. We are taking sides. We are killing civilians - and in large numbers.

Why? (Just imagine the reaction if it were a Moslem country doing this to American civilians. Oh, we don't have to imagine it, do we. No. It was memorial glassware, silver spoons, pledges of friendship and aid. But, what the hell, n ow it's only Moslem civilians we're killing.)

We Canadians are killing people - soldiers, civilians, elderly, babies....  Why?

So why aren't we getting information in our press? Why just this brainless crap? I'd rather see reprints of the kite festival, and photos of fans gushing about U2

It's been the same with their reporting of the riots in Britain. Other news sources have at least gone  past the stage of talking about the riots to take a look at the causes. In todays TandT, it's more bllather about whether this will affect Prime Minister Cameron in his next election.

The rioting was severe. It spread to several cities. That obviously suggestws somehing seriously wrong in British society - and not simply something that can be written off as criminal behaviour.  They're treating this as though it were a Batman story with clones of the Joker runing wild in their thousands.

Hint - if you want to read some serious analysis of the riots, read Alec Bruce's column. It's dead on. Senior police officials  in Britain and the US(unreported in the T&T) have told PM Cameron: it's a problem that does not have a police solution.Not even if Batman joins forces with them.

There's also a well-written, if disturbing. column by Norbert Cunningham. And I'm afraid he's right.

Just to keep things balanced at the sub-nomral level, there's yet another coliumn on the op-ed page about the U2 concert. People were well behaved. How different from those rowdies one sees at the ballet!

Oh, remember premier Alward, the one was going to listen to people?. People  have talked to  him, lots of them.  You'll find a story about him on p. A3. It's about shale gas. I just know he listens. Trouble is, the poor man can't hear.

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