Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11: A newspaper is supposed to carry news......

....but not The Moncton Times and Transcript.

The front page, for the second day in a row features a picture of people jumping in the water. Pages A8 to A11 were about kites (and mostly just pictures of kites).NewsToday wastes a large space on the colour picture of the nose of a seal. There is no story. It's just the nose of a seal. Another page has a photo of a rainbow in France. Again, there is no story. It's just a picture of a rainbow. In France. With a paper already limited by the enormous space committed to ads, this deliberate waste of space in cutesie pictures is an insult to readers who are paying to get news.

There is almost no information to be had from this paper. There is almost nothing to read. If I had to name the greatest forces in encouraging illiteracy and ignoance in New Brunswick, the leaders would all be from Brunswickmedia.

There were spots of good reporting. For the second day in a row, the coverage of the anti-fracking demonstration at Stanley was covered with reasonsble fairness. The problem now is that the T&T while recognizing opposition  to shale gas development (at last) has still not given us any information on the subject. Quebec has a moratorium on such development. Doesn't the T&T have a telephone? Couldn't they call Quebec to ask why?

France has banned it. Why? Are we allowed to know? Surely an e mail requiest could be sent without breaking the bank.

There is an amusing comment by Premier Alward in the story. He refused to talk to the demonstrators who were blocking the road to the drilling site because he doesn't talk to paople who are breaking the law. (Actually, he rarely talks at all, probably because he recognizes he has nothing to say. He prefers to play to his strength, standing still with his eyes open as though he's listening..)

So, he won't talk to demonstrators who are breaking the law....I can't help remembering how  Mr. Irving  broke the constitution by publicly delcaring he was a member of the government. Mr. Alward agreed that Mr. Irving and his friends, without being elected, would do the the major job normally done in a democracy by our elected members - planning the economiy. I guess it all depends...

The editorial is the usual blather of ignorance and bias. Apparently, the editor is of the opinion that the way to fix the problem of people out of work is to put more people out of work.

There is a hilarious opinion piece by Alec Bruce. It also, like much real humour,  carries s a chilling message if you think about it.

Norbert Cunningham seems more comfortable now that he picks his topics in areas that interest him. Today's is worth a read. So, as ever, is Jody Dallaire's column on why so few women become economists.  I think, though, she leaves out an important element. Of all academic fields (with the possibly exception of Political Science), Economics is the one with the lushest growth of biased ideologues and academic prostitutes for whoever has the price..

Assistant Managing Editor Rod Allen opened his op ed page columns with the statement that he is going to talk about the U2 concert, even though most people are fed up with hearing about it. Like most people, I suspect, I was fed up with the mindless jabber weeks before the show even arrrived. So I didn't read his column.

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