Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1: Lord love a duck...

So this is the the exciting new format of The Moncton Times&Transcript.
Section A has 14 pages, of which 9 are about the U2 concert of last night - and those are mostly pictures.

Two moreof the 14 pages are advertising and obituaries. That leaves just three for business, local, and world news. Section A is obviously designed to attract those who read while moving their lips. It makes the Gerry Springer Show seem like an intellectual treat.

(There is, by the way, no mention of fracking for shale gas, the wonderful things it's going to do for us, or the lavishing of information and discussion sessions about it.)

Section B is Sports. It has 10 pages. But control your excitment. Six of those pages are ads.

Section C - oh, be still, my heart. It was 14 pages, all of them full of pictures about the U2 concert - and how it brought families together, etc.

(Curiously, there is no mention that the turnout seems to have been some 5,000 fewer than forecast.)

Section D is unchanged - mostly trivia like advice, astrology and comics. two pages of opinions,, and one of letters to the edtior and the weather forecast. Those final three pages are still the only three (partly) worth reading.

The editorial is, as usual, trite and even silly. Norbert's new column "Odds and Ends", could be interesting. But it's hopelessly over the heads of people who buy a paper to look at pictures of busses lined up at a rock concert.

Interesting column by Alec Bruce about the decline of quality on TV. It's no longer even pablum. The latter at least has food value. However, and much as I would not have thought it possible, The Moncton T&T is even worse than the worst I have seen on television. Like televeision, it is designed to keep people in ignorance, to discourage thought and disucssion, to keep us in a vegetative state so that we can be manipulated by those who rip us off. But at least the pictures on TV move.

Oh, don't miss the front page headline. (It's about U2)


Oh, yes. There is somewhere in the paper a mention that Moncton New Brunswick literacy is not as high as it should be. Of course it isn't. Children learn to read according to the influences that surround them. New Brunswick children grow up in a society in which parents don't set much of an example for reading. That, coupled with inane TV and tirivial (and heavily pictorial) newspapers, produces children who don't read much.

But trivial and illiterate is how we want them, isn't it? Whey else would there be a newspaper that is mostly pictures, trivia, and runs Rupert Murdoch headlines like. ANOTHER MONCTON MIRACLE! I mean, if we don't keep them trivial and illiterate they might figure out that the Liberals and Conservatives are really the same party, and both of them owned by the same people. And those people want to develop shale gas whever damage it many do to us. Well, the don't have to live here. Do they...


  1. hope the 40-leven million people who came from afar for a concert, the likes of which ONLY MONCTON can put on, stay around long enough to buy a copy of today's "newspaper"...copies of which would draw a good laugh from, less sophisticated places such as New York, Boston, Toronto, Paris and on and on.
    Oh, my stomamch hurts from the laughing.....are the people producing this rag really for real?????????

  2. I find it curious myself that with all of this U2 reporting that nobody, not one reporter, was able to get an interview with a member of the band, even it were a few short quotes taken at the airport.

    Their is an expression in french, "Il y a des gens qui parlent beaucoup, mais qui ne disent rien du tout", I think it can be applied in this situation. Pathetic excuse for a newspaper.

  3. I grew up in a largely French district of montreal where we used the same expression in English. I guess we got it from othe French kids.