Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5: Kate's baby comment sparks frenzy...

What can  one say about a half-wit headline like that?  Obviously, The Moncton Times and Transcipt thinks we're all hsyterical morons, and has hired a staff to match.

Much of the first section is Willy and Kate smiling and waving. So is much of section C, NewsToday. The Business section is its usual joke. One item is a new beauty shop opening (free ad). Another is a  hot item for close followers of the market; the price of beer is up. There was no room for the story that child poverty in the US is now up to 25 % ot the total child population.

France's ban on fracking still has not been mentioned.

Alec Bruce has the only intelligent comment on the royal visit that I have seen.

Ed Graham (Seniority Rules) has another excellent column on an excellent idea. The Moncton Museum offers a downlad for your MP3 player, smartphone or tablet  (or get it in print), then use it to take your own guided tour of downtown Moncton.  Count me in. Downtown Moncton has a fascinating history and some delightful buildings.

I'll do it on a day when,, contrary to the advice of  one of the high culture staff writers of  the Moncton T&T, the air is not full of the roar and smell of hot rode or motorcycles. 

Then there's the usual far, right wing "think tank" propaganda piece from post media.  This one is a sneering and not entirely truthful account of the socialist priniciples of Tommy Douglas, and of how the party  has drifted from some of this principles.

As it happens, I agree that it has drifted; and I looked for an intelleigent discussion of it. I should have know known better.  In fact, those views he attributes to Douglas are not only more than a little twisted in the presentatioon, but they are also the normal. (and usually far worse) views  of the big business pirates that The Macdonald-Laurier Institute and their hack writers like Brian Lee Crowley so much admire. Mr. Crowley's little contribution is a sneering, backbiting piece about a man and a pary who are still several stages above him and his friends.

Medicare is an unearned privilege?  Where does Mr. Crowley think the jmoney comes from?  His big business friends who are shy about telling us howomuch tax they (don't) pay? And "payiing for hangnails" is a trivialization, and an extraordinarily ignorant and distasteful one, of what medicare does.

He then inserts Bob Raie as an example of an NDP government that ran up a deficit, nicely ignoring the fact that NDP governments ner general have been the most cautious spenders in all of Nortth America. Mr. Crowley knows that, of course.  So he isn't just a backbiter. He lies by ommission.

And employment insurance does not come free - as Mr. Crowley suggests. We pay for it. That's why it's called insurance.

We also pay for much of Irving's electric bills  Now, that does come free for Mr. Irving.  I would have looked forward to Mr. Crowley's denunciation of that   - but I doubt whether he was the courage or integrity to write it.

The NDP is the party of privilege?  Really?  Do they  get funded by  by millions of dollars from big business? Do they get supported by every wealthy newspaper owner in Canada. (including, of course the owners of Postmeida who distribute propagandists like Mr. Crowley to the propaganda newspapers of the rich - like Bunswick Media.)?

Does the NDP give away land and resources to big business? Does it defend the export of a businessman's asbestos aound the world? Does it give sweetheart contracts for friends of the party? Does it continually lower taxes for the only people who can afford to pay them?

Unionized public servants are aristocrats? Do they get millions of dollars a year in pay, and millions more in bonuses? Do they, like good little premiers, get offered seats on the board and in managaement of large, parivate companies after their years of public service?

I am not pleased with the direction in which the NDP has moved on some issues. But it is still well above Mr. Crowley's (and the T&T's and Postmeida's) natural habitat in the gutter.  

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