Monday, July 4, 2011

July 3: High school grad - moving on and out day.

I have relative who was born and schooled in New Brusnwick. As soon as he could, he got out. I now understand his feeling. The people are nice. But they accept unending crap and abuse from their leadership. And they don't seem to care, no matter what it does to them or their families or their province.

"Yessir. You can walk on my face. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Today's paper comes close to a zero, unless you really haven't had enough photos of Willy and Kate, and haven't gushed enough yet.

The editorials in The Monctron Times and Trnascript are still on bicycle lanes. Really, t he rest of the world moved on decades ago Montreal has bicycle lanes and also cheap rentals at bicyclle racks all over the city. You can rent a bike at one, and leave it at another.  Amerstdam has free bikes in racks at ever corner. Just take one, use it, and drop it off at another, convenient corner.

What next for our city councillors and our third rate newspaper editors - a proposal to build million dollar hitching rails for main street?

Days after the decision by France to ban "fracking", there is still no mention of it, even though is still  going on in New Brunswick as I write this. Nor is there much discussion of it in the streets. ("please walk on my face, too, Mr rich man.")

The only item worth reading in the whole paper is a column by Alec Bruce on the editorial page. It's about the spineless way we have allowed the government to cheat our children by putting gifts to  big business ahead of providing decent schooling.

And forget about this changing in the future. New Brunswick is headed in a different direction. When Mr.; Irving told us in the pages of The Moncton Times (and his other greasy sheets) that he had formed a coalition with the government, this was not just an act of stunning arroganze. (Imagine if you had made such an announcement that you were now a member of the government? So much for exlections and democracy.)

Then he capped it with the announcement he and others would plan the future economy for us. (So forget about the government we elected to do that.) And Mr. Alward, who appears to b both spineless and brainless, accepted that.  

Big business has always sucked the blood of this province., and with precious little benefit for the rest of us, not even by paying decent taxes. But now it has gone a step further. I doesn 't just own governments. It doesn't just own governments. Now, it comes right out and says it is government. You like dukes? Get used to being the peasant class for the new dukes.

With the announcements of the coalition and of the economic planning group,  democracy in New Brunswick is over. That is not an exaggeration. There's a word for government by a combination of politicians and big business. Check it up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Look under F.

For fascism.

Forget about hanging around in the hope of getting a cut if you're a good faxcist. There's room for only so many hogs and the trough.

Are you a graduate at any level, and looking for a job? Get out of New Brunswick.. Get out as quickly as you can. It's happening all over North America - so I'd stay away from the US, too. But there are parts of Canada where people haven't yet been beatecn down by our new dukes and barons.

Oh, and stay away from Quebec and New England. The Duke has his eye on those, too.

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