Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25: The art of saying nothing.

P. 1 Man builds model boats. Medical crews will be at U2 concert. Two gaga stories about street festivals.
P. 2 half of it is U2 - Metro youth excited. U2 world  tour has drawn huge crowds.
P.3 how to pack for U2 concert.  Scallop festival ends with fireworks.
P.4 continues trivia from P.1.
P.5 We're into obituaries.
P.6 A real news item. Premier is worried about transfer payments.
P. 7 ad
P.8 ad

The word fracking does not appear. (nor does the report of a giant iceberg spewing poisons, and heading this way. Hey! Forget it. Enjoy U2. Drink beer from a paper cup.

 Nor does the interesting news that Alward has overspent huge sums by wildly accepting estimates of cost for project.s We don't learn that unitil Alec Bruce's opinion column on the editorial page where he lists cost overruns of up to 80%.. How come this was not reported? Or was not part of a series of special reports like the stimulating ones on bicycle lanes?

And what does that tell us about the estimated hundred million dollars for a new hockey rink?

NewsToday section has no news about our war in Libya, nothing about the US debt crisis, nothing that  hasn't already appeared on radio, TV and the web. Look.....

For immediate news, print has passed its 'best before" date. A far better use for the NewsToday page would be to print what is not readily avalable for everyone. For example, it could feature news as reparted from some of the better sources (none of them in North America.)  For example, a story on the middle East could be reprinted from Al Haaretz, an Israeli paper that is far the best on the region. For opinion and news on the News of the World scandal, it could reprint from The Guardian (Britain). For Libya, it could use El Jazeera which is disliked by North American news Media precisely because it is so much more truthful than they are.

Instead of reading stale news, we could learn how people around the world can see events very differently - and we can get away from the essentially manipulating, propaganda approach of most of the North American press.

Hey! They can afford it. Three-quarters of NewsToday is ads.

Essentially, though, the purpose of NBMedia is to keep people in the dark, and let the barons of New Brunswick run the place for their own greed. It is to keep them focussed on the trivial, safely away from the conerns of those who rip us off.

The only two items in today's issue worth reading are Alec Bruce on government spending, and Allen Abel on the US national debt crisis - though Abel could have been wider in his outline of who is responsible for the delay in government action - and why. (hint - it's because of the economic barons of the US, who are much like the barons of New Brunswick.) And they, too, own all the major news media.

You want to become a journalist? Forget it. Become an honest pimp.


  1. So, you have your U2 tickets????
    Ha ha..That would please the 12 year olds running the "newspaper," I betcha

  2. Prediction: August 1st, we will begin to see a number of reports on the Football game in september.