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July 23:Saved by the teen page....

There really isn't much in  today's paper, one way or the other. The most strikiing thing is an assinine statement by our premier in which he breaks his own record for servility and stupidity. He says a 50 cent increase in the minimum wage would cause unemployment. Right. So if we had no mimimum wage at all, we'd all be prosperous. I think that's what the South fought to defend in the US Civil War.

Let's see, now, a government that can advocate a hundred million dollar skating rink as a toy for a wealthy hockey team owner, and then can give tax money away by the millions to the Irvings and McCains and the rest would be economically destroyed by giving an extrra 50 cents an hour to a mother tryting to raise three children.

Mr. Alward, you are a disgrace to conservatism, a disgrace to New Brunswick. You're no a politican of any sort. You're a "fetchit" dog.

Will there be an editorial criticizing the premier from breaking his promise? Sure. I'll hold my breath.

What this does illustrate is the willingness of the people who own this province to squeeze every last bit of blood from it. Alas! That's not illegal. But it's unquestiontably immoral. I would be nice to hear our churches at least mutter a word or two about it. (But good luck on that.)

The editorial is the usual,  hack boosterism. The editorial cartoon is very good. Bill Beliveau's column on Harper's prison reforms (which are going to do enormous danage at great cost just so Harper can pretend he's Batman for the half-wit section of our electorate) is an excellent one. Belliveau slides into silliness only when he does a pretend analysis of the Liberal party. Off that horse, he's good.

Ii was puzzled to see a column on the value of kindness on the business page. Then it ht me. Kindness can be good for business;and the writer is a professional speaker at those conferences businessmen pay big bucks for.  (You know, like when they give Wayne Gretzky fifty thousand to discuss world affairs Or, worse, Blill Clinttn and George Bush in a comedy routine.) The writer of the column obviously has discovered you can make good money giving talks about kindness. But I don't think that was the original idea of kindness.

Oh, does this mean Alward in being kind in holding back fifty cents an hour?

The only real news in the paper was buried on P. D6, the failure of American congressmen to come to agreement in debt talks. It's impossible to predict the suffering this could cause in the US and around the world. It's quite possible this could be he final bell for an American democracy which has been on the skids for decades..

And it's happening because of greed. The very rich are determined that they will not pay a cent for the crisis they have caused. The whole load will be dumped on the poor and the middle class. (Perhaps they're modelling their greed, callousness, arrogance - and stujpidity) on the model they've seen coming from our New Brunswick aristocracy.

Luckily, the teen page is back on F2 and F3.

Two that should be read together are about information - and they're by Nathan Rinzler and Isabelle Agnew. Agnew begins with the decline of reading - and the other with the transccience of the information we get. Both are right.

Reading, of any sort, trains us to use our imagination, to organization in ideas, to be critical. And serious reading is on a downslide.
No, must of what we do for infomation does nothing to stimulate thought, imagination, or crticial values. Whether it's world news or Gerry Sprnger, it's all just pictures, just mindless entertainment. Al it does is to manipulate us so that New Brunswick will elect only Liberals or Conservatives - and don't have a clue what's going on ini the world.

Mr. Rnzler (yes, he deserves the Mr.) accidentally shows that power of manipulation when he descrcibes Osama Bin Laden as the world's most notorious crminal.
1. Bin Laden was trained and supplied in killing by the US government.
2.Over much of the world, he is regarded as a hero for opposing American aggression as strongly as he once opposed Soviet aggression.
3. Bin Laden killed something over 2,000 innocent, american civilians.
   George Bush and Tony Blair killed over a million innocent Iraqi civilians and, with Obama, uncounted thousands of Afghanis.
4. George Bush 1, as head of the CIA, killed 200,000 maya civilians.
5.Richard Nixon, in the terror bombing of Cambodia killed half a million innocent civilians.
6. How many thousaands have been killed by Canadians in Libya?

See how seemingly mindless news can affect our understanding of the world?

Jana Giles is thirteen, and writes about being officially a teenager. It's worth reading, then thinking about our own teen years. These are I think, the most influential years in shaping our lives. Our strongest hatred and loves will be in those years. Those are also the years when we meet a wider range of people so that, if we're lucky, we'll learn how others deal with the world, and some of it will rub off on os. I remember when I was an office boy, and expecting to be one forever. I didn't realize then that kids and parents I had met just a few years earlier, while in (and failing) high school would soon change my whole life.

These are important years, Jana. Get the most out of them.

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