Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22: Fast-breadking story - front page

There will be plenty of parking space for cars at the U-2 concert. (Great. Send yourr car. It could probably used some fun time.)

Even more interesting is another story, also on page 1.  Education Minister Jody Carr has admitted that his cuts to education are too severe. Well, that's nice. But his government  has had almost a year since the election to figure that our. And they had the years in opposition before that to think about it. Now, with time short and schools thoroughly demoralized, the minister says, "...duh..."

I looked for the flaming editorial saying that we have plenty of money for schools After all, the T&T is the paper that  says we have plenty of money to build a hundred million dollar hockey rink, buckets of the stuff to subsidize energy costs for big business, and maybe enough to buy a CFL team.  So it knows we have plenty for children.  But not a word. (It appears to be a rule at the T&T never to say a word in favour of the public schools.)

You really have to wonder.  What do the words Liberal and Conservative have to do with giving handouts to big business while we short change our children? That's neither liberalism nor conservatism. That's plain, old greed by the bosses, servility to them.  And perhaps stupidity.

Mr. Carr says he'll come up with some new ideas. Wow! Now I am scared.

By the way, wouldn't it be nice if the T&T would give us some numbers on just how much it costs us to keep the Irvings and the McCains out of poverty? How much does that electricity cost? The total of loans and subsidies? What is the percentage of tax noney we pay them?  What do they pay? (not the official percentage listed on the tax form, the real number.)   Maybe they could spare reporters from their daily task of reporting on the decor of new fast food outlets, and parking for U-2.

Interesting to see that Canada's crime rate is dropping. Criminals must be scared off by Harper's tough (and expenisve) new crime bill - even though it hasn't passed yet. In fact, they must have worrying about Harper since 1973, because that's when the crime  rate started to drop.

NewsToday is, as usual, dominated by the absence of news for today. They mention Libya, but don't mention reports from human rights agencies that it is the rebel troops, not Ghadaffi's army, that are murdering civilians and looting.  The rebels also expelled all Blacks from a city they captured.  Ini fact, it all its reporting so far, the T&T still has carried nothing on who the rebels are, what they want, and why we are supporting them. How is it possible we can be at war for five months, and nobody knows why?

The lead editorial is very sensible. Increasing the minimum wage by fifty cents an hour is too much, too fast. It'll go to the workers' heads, and throw Walmart, MacDonald's, Colonel Sanders, etc. into bankruptcy.

No.  Better save the increases, subisidies, tax breaks, loans, etc. for those who really need them.

I wonder how many floors Mr. Irving has to wash, how many cortons to lift, to make fifty cents. I wonder how many budget cuts there have been in the schools he went to. I wonder if he worries about how he's going to feed his children.

Check any big business. You'll find it makes its money not by creating wealth, but by exploiting poverty. We became a realitively rich society by having stolen the land we live on; and lumber companies get rich on the forests we give them. Our railways that built Canada were built with the wealth taken from India and China and South Africa. We eat and dress well on food and clothing that comes from countries we keep in poverty, countrries like Haiti where the minimum wage is a sensible $3 a day. Check out the practices and wage rates of Canadian mining companies in Central America and Congo.

Of course, we're better off here in Canada. But the basic rule is the same. The rich get rich off the poor.  Gee! There's another good story for the T&T. What, exactly, is the distribution of wealth in this country? How can it happen that so few get so much of it? Is it possible they use that money to keep others poor? Is it possible they even corrupt governments and new meida?

Oh, the word 'fracking' does not appear in today's paper. Funny, considering that shale gas will be our eoconomic future (so long s we don't throw money to the wind by raising the minimum wage to fifty cents an hour.)

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  1. Graene, don't seem to realize that a minimum wage raise could force some of the people who own all the coffee shops and restaurants to trade in their BMWs and have to survive driving a mere Cadillac. Now how would THAT look at "the club'??????