Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20: A Moncton T&T worth the price

No, it's not the whole Moncton Times and Transcript that's worth the price. Most of the paper is the usual trivia. The usual, pititful business page is supported by and enclosure called New Brunswick Business Journal that is even sillier than the business page. Nor is it the two, staff-written columns on the op ed page; they are totally outclassed at the borron of page by the ads for lost and found cats.

The strength is on the editorial page. No. It isn't the editorial. That part is back to a brainless rant about bicycle paths.

The value for money starts with the best editorial cartoon I have even seen in the T&T - better than most I have seen in any paper. It is far the best analysis of the Canadian departure from Afghanistan I have seen either in print or picture. It shows Canada going home in helicopters, leaving  behind a huge, round boulder labelled Aghanistan. The boulder is on a steep hill, propped up by only a twig.

Top cartoonists can often sell the originals of their cartoons for thousands. This one, by de Adder, is in that class.

Alec Bruce, always a good writer, contributes one of the funniest (and truest) columns I have seen.

Then there is a suberb opinion piece of Beatrice R.D.Hair of Salisbury Tutoring Academy. It's called Education: losing the way in the U.S.A. (Alas! The Salisbury Tutoring Academy is in North Carolina.)

Both sholarly and intelligent, it is also written in the way more scholarly and intelligent people should write - with simplicity. Her focus is on the mess that American publication has become thanks to free market inthusiasts and ignorant news media.

It argues what scholars have known for decades (but Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and editorial writers for the T&T have not) that standardized testing and ranking of schools is a crock. They do nothing to make teachers accountable; and they discourage any real learning. (But that's what our servile provincial government has signed up for beecause that's what their masters want. There's money to be gouged out of our education taxes and our children.)

Learning, she points out, is profoundly affected by the teacher, the student, and the parent. It is not, despite all the venom spat out at teachers and administrators over the past year by T&T editorial writers, simply a matter of standardization and measurement. Far from helping, the T&T's ass-kissing has done serious damage to our schools. This article is the first one I have seen in The Moncton Times to show an understanding of what learning can be about - besides ruining our schools and our children to make money for big business.

This article, alone is worth price. Coupled with Alec Bruce's column and de Adder's cartoon,today's T&T is a bargain.

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