Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2: Ooooooh look a the pretty pictures of katie's shoes. I could die. I could just die.

Yesterday, the National Assembly of France banned "fracking".  They banned it because it is harmful to the environment and harmful to people. "Fracking" t he breaking of of shale rock to release a natural gas is what has been going on, unregulated and unreported, in New Brunswick for a decade. It's the process that we've learned about only because of public protest.

The government has, after a decade, finally enacted some regulations - and now it tells us to trust it because it's in control.

The T&T. which is still producing its daily, hard-hitting column on bicycle lanes, has barely mentioned fracking - and then only to tell us not to worry about it. (Obviously, fracking is somehing that Bunswick Media's boss wants to happen. There's big money involved. So who gives a damn about the people who live here?)

The T&T did not report the French ban - though it was well known long before press time.  What we got, instead, was a close up picture duchess Katie's  red shoes, page after page of worshipful poop about the ducal tour  (being covered by 1,300 journalists to prove that Canadians are not the only population made up pre-adolescent gushers, and ours are not the only news media that pump out irrelevant drivel.)

The news that our oceans are dying made page A 7. Then it was back to Willy and Kate.

There is, way back on p. D5,  a warning that the US is in danger of defaulting on its debt payments, thus causing world-wide economic catastrophe. But that comes after another page about Willy and Kate and, even on its own page, the default story was shoved aside by a wedding photo of Prince Albert (who?) of Monaco.

Yhe op ed page has an excellent article by David Suzuki on the conditions of our oceans. Above it is a column by staff writer Brent Mazerolle who obviously is intellectually and emotionally drained by his epic series on bicycle lanes.

As always, the teen columns were a good read. This time, my attention was caught by a very sensible column by Alex Corbett about the eternal question of the generation gap. He takes the view that it is much exaggerated. Too true. When I began teaching, it was to the peace and love generation. Lots of flowers.

That's the generation that grew up to vote for George Bush, torture, domestic spying, arbitrary imprisonment, world conquest. Their Canadian equivalents, flare pants now in the garbage along with the plastic flowers and love beads, have been voting for Harper  -     domestic spying, exporting Canadians for torture, and sending Canadians to die for American oil companies.

I remember their favourite saying, "Never trust anybody over thirty." They sure proved the truth of that one.

Oh, for the story on the French vote on "fracking", check the Google news site.  (That seems to be too sophisticated a job for the hacks and propagandists at The Moncton Times&Transcript, but any kid can show you how to get it.)

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