Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29: three wise men on camels headed to Moncton

The front page of today's TandT (again) carries a story of stomach jiggling excitement. U2 is coming tomorrow. (Who would have guessed?) Apparently, hordes are descending on Moncton from all over the world. (though the story breathlessly informs us that no private jets have been spotted at the airport, yet.)

 Funny thing, though.

The story and the full page ad on A7 both say there are lots of tickets still avialable. And they will be right up to show time.

The editorial is also about U2. It's parochialism is summed up in the We Say box, "Tomorrow's U2 show will be a party like no one has ever seen before; not even in Moncton!" Wow! Not even in Moncton?

Norbert Cunningham says goodbye as editorial page editor, though he will maintain a weekly column. I always had mixed feelings about young Norbert. He could write some decent columns.  But he was also responsible, as editor, for most vile, ignorant, defamatory and propagandisitic editorials I have ever seen.

He praises the staff at the T&T for being free of infighting. Of couse. Why would there be infighting? They all know who the boss is, and they accept it. What's there to fight about?

He also dumps on the internet as a source of news - but in such a superficial way, it lends credence to those who say Norbert is so simple that he might be sincere in what he ways.

He claims, "virtually all the news of any reliability comes from reporters working for news organizations." Well, yes. And all newspapapers come from trees. But some are a great deal more honest than others. And the Times and Tribune (like most North American newspapers) is not one of the honest ones.

They select those news stories they want you to read, and make sure that the source is something like the National Post or Brunswick Media, most of them operating as monopolists like Rupert Murdoch who use them to a)make piles of money and b)push their own agendas.. If you want anything that comes close to reliable, you have to go to the web to read The Guardian, The Economist, The Independent, Jane's Defence Quarterly, Haaretz, Le Monde, etc.

Monopoly is really a key point in a privately owned press. If capitalism is to work, it needs competition. Too bad so few capitalists, particularly in the New Brunswick newspaper business, understand that.

But Norbert reassures us there are big changes coming to the T&T, a whole new and exciting approach to news.  So its good work will go on.

. Well, that's good news. Maybe it even means that the owner is going to allow competition, and the Mnaging Editor will be stuffed and mounted (okay, he only needs mounting), mouth agape, as a retro rubbish bin for the lobby. Can't wait for the change.

Will there be a bright star to watch for as it comes to rest over the T&T building when it issues its  new and improved version?   Sure thing. After all, this is Moncton. So the whole world will be watching.

But remember. This is 2011, and we live in the most "with it" city in the world. So other parts of the scenario might change. For example, watch the airport for a private jet named Wisemen, Inc, with  three camels as cabin luggage.


  1. Graeme...where are your views on Saturday's "Newspaper"? Perhaps you agree it was just too sad an effort to waste time on?
    With the way this concert has been publicized it really does illusrate what a hick town and hick newspaper we have here. It's a concert, for God's sake..NOT the second coming of Christ. But it was one hell of an event EVEN FOR MONCTON......... chortle, chortle.

  2. sorry. pushed the wrong button. but it's fixed now.