Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 16: Blah

There is only one item in today's Moncton Times & Transcript woth reading.

It isn't on the first page which featrures a Rupert Murcoch headline "Citizens remain furious at road line reductions." There is no indication of how many citizens are furious. But the important thing is that it gives people something to put their attention on so they won't notice that chemicals are being pumped into our land, and then waste water with the chemicals spilled out to poison vegetation. And people.

You cyclists want bicycle lanes, and you want the support of The Moncton T&T? Nothing to it. Just suggest you want a consortium  of Irvings, McCains et al, to get a fifty percent share of the price  of all bicycles sold in New Brunswick, the fifty percent to be taken from our tax money, and the payments to be made tax-free. The next day, The Moncton Times will have a special edition dedicated to the need for bicycle lanes.

Other front page, stop-the-presses news is that the Casino will offer parking at only thirty dollars -for which they will return thirty dollars in bonus tickets to gamble with. (That gives you some day of what they think of your chances of winning.)

Also featured is  a hot news item that Arcade Fire ( an opening act for the U2 concert") is ready for Moncton. I'm so relieved. I was afraid they would be overwhelmed by the challenge of performing in such a sophisticated setting.

p. A2 has the story that international policial and economic leaders have just met for their annual convention at the exclusive Fox Harb'r resort in Nova Scotia. The event is closed to us common folk because it's a "serious" event. I mean, one year their speaker was Wayne Gretzky. So that just goes to show you this would be over our heads. This year, the speaker was the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was good enough to take time off from being investigated for lying to the British House of Commons about the reasons for invading Iraq - then using that lie to just justify mass murder and torture. In 2009, the main speaker was eminent thinker and torturer (also liar about Iraq) George W. Bush Jr.

Frank McKenna, who likes being useful to senior business and political leaders, says the resort is a beautiful spot and "everybody....tells us we're the luckiest people in the world to live here."

Very true, I'm sure. Too bad most of us who live here weren't invited - and couldn't afford it, anyway.

p, A 11 has another hot news item about the local casino. It has a new sign. Can't wait to park my car as close to the new sign as I can get. I ain't smart enough to understand a speech by Tony Blair. But I just love looking at new signs.

The only item worth reading in the whole paper is the op ed page where David Suzuki covers much the same ground that Norbert Cunningham did in his opinion piece of July 15.  It's about those who deny that climate change is happening.. This one is worth the extra read because it adds a dimension.

Suzuki takes a look at the "think  tanks' and bogus research projects that are funded by big businesses that don't want ua ro recognize the damage they are doing. These are giant corporations like Exxon and other oil companies, coal mining and coal using companies. These "research" and "think tank" outfits all have fancy names to mask their propaganda - like Fraser Instutute (a regular feature in The Moncton T&T), Greening Earth Society (funded by coal giants),  Centre for Science and Public Policy, Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (you remember that one. It often appears in the T&T. This is not only the one that poohs poohs the need for cleaner energy; it is also the one whose founding and maintenance has been generously supported by the Irvings.)

The interests of the "experts" at Atlantic Institute of Market Studies are very wide. These are, for example,  ones who have foisted the scientifically ridiculous standardized tests and rating of schools on us. AIMS is also linked to the venomous attacks on public schools that we have seen on the editorial page of the T&T. Such organizations in the US have been so successful in privatizing as much as possible of the public system, that education costs are now beyond the means of a majority of Americans; and the quality of American education has dropped to the lowest level in the industrialized world.

Don't buy today's paper. Go to a hamburger chain that has a stack of free papers. Read D7, the only page worth reading, and get a meal for only slightly more than what you would have had to pay for the paper. You'll also be helping to save trees.

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