Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12: Al Quaeda and bicycle lanes in New Brunswick

Yesterday, General Petraeus of Afghanistan fame announced that he has Alquaeda on the run in Afghanistan. That contrasts strangely with CIA public statements  (Financial Times of London) that rhere are only 50 to 75 Al Quaeda "type" fighers in Afghanistan. and their number has always been insignificant..

In a similar statement reported yesterday,an American cabinet minister says the US invaded Iraq because of its terrorist attack on 9/11. In fact, it has long ago been admitted by US officials that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

But American foreign policy desperately needs people to believe in a massive Al Quaeda, with members hiding under every bed in the country. Al Quaeda is its excuse for ten years of war, with many more years to come, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya - and then Iran and Pakistan- - with more in between.

The regular chanting of Al Quaeda in political speeches keeps the US in a fit of hysteria, with all eyes on Al Quaeda, like a baby watching watching an old time grandpa swinging his watch. They ignore the reality of what they are doing to focus on the terror that most of those who have been killed had noting to do with. Indeed, the wars themselves have nothing to do with terror.

Obama uses terror to keep people away from thinking about the real issues. The bosses of New Brunswick and their faithful lackeys in Brunswick Media have bicycle lanes.

Are there dangers in fracking for natural gas? Are poisonous chemicals  used? Are there scientific studies pointing to these dangers? Have their been problems? Have France and Quebec banned it? Are our new regulations adequate? Why did we have no regulations at all for over ten years?

Hey! Everybody! Look at the terrible threat of bicycle lanes.. Protest. Complain to City Council. Bicycle lanes will destroy the world as we know it. That's why bicycle lanes are a front page story about bicycle lanes and massive citizen protest. Why, one councillor alone reports getting fifteen phone calls.

And, the paper breathlessly reports, come councillors get more e mails than others. Well..that certainly is a shocker and proves.....something. Y'think?

As for the cyclist who has been hit three times by cars on roads with no bicycle lanes, why, that just proves cyclists need more training. Case solved. (This reminds me of the time the leader of the PQ ran down and killed a man late at night. The Montreal police gave an alcohol test to the vicitim, but not to the party leader.)

We can't waste  time reporting on fracking and poison chemicals and threats to environement and people. We have a bicycle lane problem goin' on.

Meanwhile, if you're concerned about the real world and the impact of fracking, you'll have to check out the letters to the editor.

The only bigger front page story is a news item that is really no news at all. It's only purpose is to whip up sales for the U2 concert.

The editorial begins as a welcome to the Assembly of First Nations now taking place in Moncton. Then it slides into either ignorance or trivializing of the problems faced by native peoples. In the final paragraph, it shows what it really cares about - the money Moncton can make out of such events.

This is balanced by a superb column by Alec Bruce on voting patterns; and a very informative one on retirement pensions by Robert Brown of EvidenceNetwork.

The op ed page has the usual, trivial column by a staff writer.

Fortunately, it also has an excellent column by Gwynn Dyer on the News of the World, a paper that specializes in gutter journalism that many people find interesting - as compared to the gutter and manipulative  journalism that is boring  in  The Moncton Times&Tribune.

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