Monday, June 6, 2011

June6; what isn't in The Moncton Times&Transcript

In an issue that is amazingly vacuous, even by T&T standards, only two news items are worth reading. Neither tof them says anything or even asks anything - but they could cause us to think.

1. The fracking for shale gas will go on - as it has for the past ten years - even though government still has no clue to what the dangers are, and has not in all these ten years tried to learn anything, or to get even a vague idea of what controls are needed.
Meanwhile, we have no idea what chemicals have been pumped into our soil or how much or what danger they might pose.

2.  Religious observance is in decline. That's not exzctly a stop press flash. Religious observance has been declining for decades. The results is that generations have grown up with no sense of what morality is. That's not just a goody-goody thing. Understanding of morality is essential to tohe survival of a society. Religion and morality is a practical business. Without it, we just don't survive.

We are now well down to the edge of catastrophe. Our wars have become more brutal than ever. Our \business leaders operate with a fixation on greed and power combined with a disregard for humanity that can reasonably be defined as sociopathic.

They are now, in Canada and the US, engaged in a drive to create government by an aristocracy - them. Democracy really no longer exists in the US. Canada is rapidly losing what democracy it has - and New Brunswick is sinking the fastest of all.

Once the process is complete, our short sighted and overygreedy business leaders will destroy our econoomy just as their American brethren destroyed the US economy.

Part of the reason for the decline is the churches, themselves. New Brunswick Baptists are too busy poking the bushes for gays to notice what's going on in the world. Others are just interested in the world ending soon so they can go to heaven, and get a giggle out of looking down on all the sinners being stung by scorpions.

Generally, the churches have failed to use the principles of the teaching of Jesus to help us understand what disasters we are creating.

But give credit where credit is due. The T&T got one thing right. Actor Harvey Feirstien is 57.

There were a few news items the T&T missed.

1. They still haven't noticed the presence of western troops on the gournd in Libya.
2. They still haven't noticed that the US Congress has complained it has been given no valid reason for the war in Libya. Gee. We  have  Canadians killing and  risking being killed in Libya. Do you know any valid reason why?
3. Israel has killed dozens of unarmed Palestinians who were demonstrating at the border.
4. They still have mentioned that greedy business in the form of Goldnad Sachs has been been cited for questioning with regard to its role in causing the recession. A recent congressional repport suggests it acted criminally is setting off the crisis.
5. The T&T hasn't found it worth mentioning that our Minister of Defence is considering permanent Canadian military bases around the world for quick intervention. Gee. I wonder whose wars they would be fighting. Tell your children not to waste their rime training for a career.

Happy birthday, Harvey Feinstein.

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