Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June29: Wow! Hot off the press!

Front page news "Moetro centre support strong: survey"  (pant! pant!)

A new poll (not one of those old polls)  shows three-quarters of metro residents want a new rink at a hndred million. Well, that's it. Sure proof we have to borron a hundred mill. No money for schools. But, man, we NEED a hockey ricnk.

Seventy percent. That would be over 110,000 people. Sorta makes y' stop 'n' think. Don't it?  If 110,000 ae willing take that kind of a risk in this economy, and if they really think a hockey rink is more important than schools and parks, etc., the Wildcats must be getting at least 90,000 a game. We should go NHL.

Oh, of course, they didn't question all 165,000 or so residents of metro. Just 400. That sort of boosts the marging of error quite a bit.  Corporate Reseach Associates places the margin of error at 5%. That's a pretty big margin of error - and it's also subject to more error than that, error of the deliberate sort.

For a start, what is Corporate Reseracch Associates, the outfit that carried out the poll? And who is Don Mills, its boss?

Geegollywhiskers and Jiminy Cricket. Don Mills is a director of the neo-conservative "think tank" (propaganda agency) Atlantic Institute of Market Sudies. AIMS is funded by corporate bosses and the wealthy to help make the richest part of the population even richer.

You want a study showing massive support for a hundred million dollar hockey rink? No problemo. Just frame it the right way ; Are  you in favour of Moncton spending a hundred million and going into debt for generations for a new hockey rink?" (Nope. That one won't do. Have to owrk on the wording.)

Then you question 400 people (and just forget about all those who refuse to answer; that makes it much easier to get your three-quarters.) There are other things one can do to skew the figures. But I'm sure Mr. Mills, who makes a living out of serving big business, wouldn't dream of doing anything  dishonest.

Curiously, the story does not mention who paid for the survey. Perhaps it was some public-spirited person who prefers to do the faity godmother thing anonymously. And I'm sure it's just acoincidence that the T&T has been a big xupporter of the rink (oops. events centre) from the start.

What a corrupt newspaper!

There isn't much else in the paper. The editorial writer has the exoected tirade against postal workers and the NDP, accusing the latter of hypocrisy. The NDP should take this seriously. When it comes to hypcorisy, eidtorial writers at the T&T know what they're talking about.

On the op ed page, Brian Cormier has one of his dimmer columns - no mean feat. It's another rant - for the fifth day - about the most pressing issue of our time, bicycle lanes. Kidding aside, Brian, is this part of a clever scheme to dumb evertbody down, and keep them all riled up so they don't notice when big business and hack politicians are ripping them off?

He ends with a stunning piece of idiocy, "Building a commnity requires the consensus of all, not just a select few. "

Can you think of a single project in the whole history of New Brunswick (or in the world) that has had the consensus of all?  The T&T recently praised a public meeting on spending a hundred million that drew only fifty people. Fifty out of 165,000, How many have attended Mr. Alward's "consultations"?
For that matter, where is the consensus in electing our municipal, provincial and federal governments?

But the punch line actually occurs in the second to last paragraph.

"I suppose none of this matters now. I'm too stupid to know better; right?"

Grammatical error aside, that line is a keeper.

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