Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8: The Moncton Times&Transcipt: what a mess.

1. Page 1.  "Tories gain support: poll"  Well. that makes sense - until you read the poll.The New Brunswick Conservative government is actually down by 2% since the election. That's well within the margin of error, of course. But to call a loss of 2% a gain seems to indicate a lack of ability to count. (Or a lying headline.)
      The real gainer in the standings was the NDP, going from 8% to 20% based on gains from all other parties. It is now tied with the perennial alternative party, the Liberals. That would be remarkable under any circumstances, but particularly remarkable for a party consistently ignored by the T&T.
      "Tories gain support:poll" isn't news at all. It's spin. And a paticularly unethical example of it.

2. The big story is that the mayor of Moncton says :"Time is ripe for events centre". I'm not sure why that is a front page story. The mayor has been sayiing that for at least a year.The deal is really for a new hockey arena at $84 million, tarted up as a seniors' centre, museum, art gallery for a hundred million - and counting on borrowed money.

     Nowhere in this whole, goofy proposal is there an indication of how many  people really want this thing. Nowhere is their a mention of how much per year this will cost in taxes.
      Hockey is a business. Owners make money out of it. People who want to make money in business are supposed to pay their own bills.New Brunswick has a too long and too ugly history of being a welfare state for the rich. If the free market is such a wonderful thing (as we are told almost daily on the op ed page with its "think tank" studies), let the free marketeers of the hockey world pay for their own structures. If the owner of the hockey team believes in capitalism, let him use his capital to build a new rink. (and we'll pass on the idea of a   "Moncton Hall of Fame" and the "Tribute to the New 'Brunswick heritage:".
     How do you build a tribute to a heritage which consists largely of the rich sucking the rest of us dry?
     The rest of the first section is really a toruist brochure.

2. In the NewsToday section, he T&T still isn't telling us that, contrary to its UN mandate, NATO has boots on the ground in Libya. And it seems not to be aware that the US Congress is complaining that Obama has gone to war without congressional debate or approval. And that is illegal. Congress has also complained that it hasn't given any credible reason for going to war. Nor does it seem to be aware that Canadian democracy requires parliamentary approval for a war. Nor has there been an mention of exactly how many Canadians are flying over Libya, and what they are doing.

3. The business section still hasn't noticed how grim the American economy is - and how it's getting worse. However well we may be doing now, our ability to keep doing well depends on the strength of the US market. That might be something for our hockey fans and hotel keepers to bear in mind as we consider borrowing a nundred million (plus) for a rink.

4. The editorial is asinine, spin-doctoring and borderline lying.It returns to that front-page story about how the tories are gaining wupport  (when the figures when the figures show  it losing support, if only marginally.)

5. The regular staff-written columns on the op ed page are the regular trivia.. Eric Lewis has the flash that potholes are being fixed, and that he once saw Ozzy Osbourne on stage. obviously, Mr. Lewis has a keen eye for detail, and a sophisticated taste in music. Brian Cormier tells us he has a sore back.

6. All that saves the paper are two, excellent columns sitting beside and below those awful editorials.

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