Friday, June 3, 2011

June 3: The day of nothing.

Author Maurice Sendak is 83 today.


Now there is now no reason whatever to read The Moncton Times and Transcript for today.

NATO ground troops in Liibya did't make the news - again.

There is no mention that Obama requires congressional approval to continue the war - and, according to the consitution, he's very late in getting it. Congress is restive. So - it seems possible  he may not get the approval. But not to worry. Monctonians have been alerted (on page 1) that cigarettes can cause fires.

There is a long story about the chaos in Lebanon, t hough still without a hint of what it's about.

Norbert Cunningham has an unintentioinally amusing column on what an independent dynamo Premier Alward is. This is the man whose major platform plank was that he would listen to people. (We could have skipped the election, and bought a CD recorder for a fraction of the cost.)

When corporate leaders visisted his office (Have you been invited to visist his office?) to tell him they were going to plan the province's economic future, Premier Halward did not tell them that planning the economy was a function of the elected government - so they should take a hike.

No, he meekly accepted an ordinary membership on the corporate committee where he will, no doubt, do the listening he does so well.

There is an interesting commentary on the op ed page by Tervor Holder, minister ofWellness, Culture and Sport and Tourism and Parks.

The interesting part is not the commentary itself. The interesting part is that there is such a thing as a minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport and Tourism and Parks. I suppose he would deal with everyday matters - like an opear singer who is overweight, and wants to diet and to play soccer  while camping in parks and taking in the toruist sites.

Oh, and Prince Phillip is 90. If you hurry, maybe you can still send him a gift card for dinner at his favourite Moncton restaurant.

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  1. You forgot to mention the famous piece on the Throne speech, infiltrated with lots of Western Canada propaganda.

    'The Harper government's Throne Speech today will promise action on a number of important issues for westerners, including axing the long-gun registry, eliminating the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board and quickly passing sweeping legislation on crime.'