Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25: ...sigh....

Page one, the editorial page, and the psycophant editorial cartoon are all about bicycle lanes - for the FOURTH DAY IN A ROW.  Talk about taking on the big issues....  Does Brent Mazerolle feel like fool for greeing to do this bilge in these special reports? Talk about dumbing down the public...

Page A11 is given over to a full page ad signed by the usual kissups ( mayors of NB), demanding more crown lands be handed over to the forestry coompanies (mainly Irving).

It says - and pay close attention to the wording - "We can find ways to plant and harvest more trees, protect jobs, maintain healthy watercourses, and a sustainable environment.." We can FIND ways... That can only mean we have not yet found them. Shouldn't we find the ways first? Then cut the trees?

I also regret to see this ad seems to (indirectly) accuse Mr. Irving of lying. He told the press just months ago that his company already does an excellent job of harvesting trees by environmentally sound methods. Gee, I'll bet Mr. Irving would be reaally, really angry if he knew this ad was being published.

The ad reminded my of something I missed yesterday. I paid too little attention to the new locomotive purchased by Irving for service on lines running through NB, Maine and Vermont, part of the region AIMS calls Atlantica, and which seems to be being formed as a wider, Irving empire. Just happens Maine grows wood, too. And this whole Atlantica thing reminded me of shale gas.

Who will be distributing the gas to the Atlantica market? Could it be some of the same people who have  formed a committee to replace our elected government as the planner of the economic future of New Brunswick?

The NewsToday section has at last noted what most of the world knew a couple of years ago. The Afghan war has been lost. Uncounted thousands of lives on both sides have been lost along with the war... Why did we fight it?

To say that the Taliban had even knowledge of the planning for 9/11 is absurd. The US has never produced any evidence it has the slightest knowledge of any such plan. Even common sense tells us that Al Quaeda would have been extremely unlikely to jeopardize the plan by telling it to anybody. And the Taliban, knowing the consequences, would never have kept the plan secret from the US.

Anyway, that war was planned and publicly advocated BEFORE 9/11.

We still don't know why that war was fought. The idea that the US spent hundreds of billions of dollars and killed tens of thousands of people to "protect the womenforlk" is absurd. It is particularly absurd coming from a nation that has killed millions of women over the last forty years.

After all that blood and destruction and cost, Afghanistan is nowhere close to being a dmocracy. It is nowhere close to being stable. And the only change for women is that tens of thousands of them have been killed or widowed by our bombs, and starved and frozen in the chaos we created. What have we accomplished? What were we trying to accomplish?

There is an interesting news item buried on D6. A grade ten student in Beaverbrook has called for a statue to R.B.Bennett, to be placed among those of other great prime ministers in Ottawa.

His proposal is supported by many Conservative mps - but for the wrong reasons. They support it because the label he wore was Conservative. In fact, and despite his reputation for being uncaring, Bennett showed the compassion, intelligence, respect for the importance of government, and willingness to improve government for the common good that the Conservative party had never shown before - and has not shown since.  Bennett stood for all the things Harper does not, and showed a respect for government and the people, a respectt that is utterly absent in Harper. New Brunswickers should be supporting this effort - not because Bennett was a New Brunswicker or a Conservative - but because he was a humane and intelligent leader who established all those things that the modern Conservatives hate - such regulation of the economy, and a national broadcaster, the CBC, which Harper and his supporters would like to destroy.

The teen pages in the Whatever section are lighter than usual. but still a good read. (The lightness is to be expected at this time graduation and summer excitment.) My favourite column this time was by Christina Korotkov who wrote some eminently good sense.

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