Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 22: Just when you think it couldn't get worse.

Section A today has three stories that are really free ads for the Casino. Half the rest is paid ads. Any "news" is trivia.

The lead story on thealways pitiful business page is how readers of the T&T can win a Bluetooth unit. That's in the NewsToday section - of which three quarters is ads. There is a story on the damage being done by cutting another two million. from the district two schools budget. Luckily, that won't have much effect because the Parent association and home and school have both made it clear they don't give a damn about what happens to the children. They'll just blame the teachers, then givie contracts to private business to run the system at twice the cost.

An item worth reading is one by Gwynn Dyer on the editorial page. He mentions what the T&T has never told us. The US is conducting talks with the Taliban to get itself out of Afghanistan. You remember the Taliban. They were the ones that Bush said were responsible for 9/11 (though they almost certainly weren't.)  If they were responsible, and we are now negotiating with them, why the hell did we go to war in the first place?

Not that it matters. On the coming Nov. 11, some political dipstict will give a speech about how we will never forget the 150 plus young Canadians who died (and killed) to defend our freedom in a war we still don't know the reason for. And then we'll all go home and forget them.

There's quite a bit of news that didn't make the paper - though it was certainly known.
1. Our minister of  energy and other stuff announced yesterday, that fracking for shale oil will go on because they have no prrof it is dangerous.
He should tell the American banks about that. They've begun to refused mortgages to properties with drilling licences or with drilling near them - or with drilliing even a possibility.
The T&T also forgot to mention there's a meeting in Fredericton tomorrow so participants in the drilling can discuss the money to be made.
And it didn't mention there will be an anti-shale gas demonstration in Fredericton at the same time.
Nor did it tell us whether the government has even  started an environmental study; or whether it has drawn up regulations. Or what plans it has to enforce them.
Premier Alward, the man who listens, has already allowed the drilling to begin without  giving a damn what we think. Prediction - like McKenna, he will retire a wealthy man. All perfectly legal.

2. Obama has publicly announced that we are not at war in Libya; so he therfore does not need congressional approval. We're bombing; and we're killing people on both sides; and we have "advisors" with the rebel forces on the ground. But it's not a war. Know why?
Because nobody on our side has been killed. Wow! So it was okay for Hitler to invade Austria and Czechoslovakia.

We have not yet been told what this non-war is about. Anybody who thinks it is about democracy gets a free subscription for life to the Moncton T&T, perhaps even a job as a staff writer.

3. Then there's a whole list of stories the newspapers (not just Burnswick News) get excited about - then forget.
a) At the time of the earthquake, the US government  promised Haiti billions in aid. What has been done with that money?
answer - nothing. That's because not a cent of it has ever been delivered. It has been possible, though, for the US to dig up enough money to give away billions in weapons to various dictators.
b) There was a major scientiric report that ALL life in the oceans is close to extinction due to warming, oil drilling, various kinds of pollution, etc. You would think this might be important news for a province bordering salt water. (not to mention its cause for concern about fracking.)
c) with regard to the above, do you remember the BP oil spill? Have you seen any followup reports on its effects on the Caribbean?
d) A friend has just flown in from Japan with his family. His wfie (who is Japanese) is terrified at the radiation dangers in food and water. Apparently, large numbers of Japanese are very worried. It was big news here for a week or so. How come the story disappeared?

 Singer Tom Rundgren os 64 today. Stop the presses!

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