Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20: Crass bigotry in the Moncton Times and Tribune

The only part of the Moncton T&T even worth looking at today are a piece on the editorial page, and some of othe letters to the editor. (Some two thousand people in Montreal demonstrated against fracking for shale gas. There was no room for that story in the T&T because it needed space for big stories about how movie viewing is changing, and how somebody fixed up his 1954 Corvette.)

There was also a demonstration against shale gas exploration in Salisbury this morning. But I doubt whether The T&T will cover it. It seems the demonstrators were asked to leave by somebody from the local Baptist church. The reason given was that not all Baptists are opposed to shale gas exploration. I wonder if they considered that not all people approve of Baptists? I iwonder why  they don't refuse to accept funds for their university when they know all taxpayers don't share their persecution of gays?

But the one that stands out is a commentary so ignorant and bigoted. so filled with hatred, that that I have never seen anything like it in a Canadian newspaper.

Lt.-Colonel Zumwalt is a former marine who served in Vietnam, Panama, and Desert Storm. His opinion piece is titled "Are Muslims the children of a lesser God?"

In this rant, he takes a few examples of moslems killing or torturing children to call this a "moslem mindset". The problem of this "moslem mindset" was last as long as Moslem etremists tolerated by moslem moderates. In short, you can't talk with them. You have to kill them. They victimize children.

Zumwalt "served" in Vietnam. That's where American soldiers, most Christian. dropped more bombs than it had in the whole apcific war, splattering babies against walls, burning children alive with napalm, and still killing them today with the poisons it spread on the land. Nobody knows the number of children killed in Vietanam and Cambodia. But it is probably close to a million.

Zumwat "served" in Panama.. That means he and his Christian troops were preceded by Christian bombers that killed thousands of civilians, including children, to blast a road to the presidential palace

Too bad he missed Guatemala. That's where Christians murdered 200,000 Mayans of all ages, burying them in pits, then tossing the live children after them to be bulldozed over.

Christian soldiers have now killed hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And now our Christian soldiers have joined American, British, and French Christian soldiers in killing them in Libya.

After MAo-Tse-tung, the worst killers of children have been us Christians. Onward Christian soldiers.

But, unlike Moslems, we do not torture children. Not much. I mean, only if we catch them. Guess who the world's largest manufacturer of torture instruments is?

Israel has quite a record of killing children, notably in the recent invasion of Gaza. Would Zumwalt call killing children part of the Israeli mindset? If he did, would the T&T have printed it?

The good colonel is also listed as head of a security consulting firm. That almost certainly means he hires thugs from all over the world to be rented out to the US government and others as mercenaries.

This is the most hateful and disgusting crap I have ever seen in a Canadian newpaper (though it is standard far in many American ones. The Moncton Times&Transcript owes an apology to the Moslems of this city - and to all people who had this filth shoved into their homes.

This also strikes me as being an excellent topic for sermons in our Christian churches this Sunday. But I bet not one will do it.

There are some excellent letters to the editor by Steve Vasseur on population grown, by Rebecca Gingrich on Libya - and perhaps by Jill Ford-Douglass on the T&T's neglect of Fabein Melanson. (I can't be sure of that because I'm a newcomer whose only local news comes fro the T&T; so I have never heard of Mr. Melanson. I iwould be grateful for information.)

Their is a hilarious letter berating the  posties for going on strike. (Well, the writer reads the T&T. So how could he know that it was not the posties who walked out. It was the management that locked them out.)

His point is that a person who uses coercion  (as the taxation officers do) is breaking the law. His authority for this is Luke 3:14. He also includes the injuction to "be content with your wages."
Perhaps he should have sent that advice to messres. Irving and McCain.

I wonder if, when the writer was a child, he ate only the bits of supper he liked - pushing the rest aside You can't eat just those bits and pieces of the meal you like. It's not healthy

Same thing with The Bible.

I felt a little sick as I finished reading today's paper. Most of it is vapid. One part is vile. The only decent part is the letters to the editor page. This is a newspaper deliberatly designed to dumb people down, and to drive them to a hatred close to racism.


  1. Question about the events centre, do you know if there is an official group of citizens against the project?


  2. The only protest group I have heard of is the New Bunswick is NOT for sale group which you can find in facebook. Their emphasis now is on shale gas.
    New Brunswickers, especially English ones, are the most passive people I have ever encountered. I suspect a lot of it is due to fear.

  3. Perhaps you should start one?

  4. damn. just answered this, and then lost it.
    Actually, I'm a teacher. I don't want to convert people. I want them to think, discuss, and decide for themselves. But that's not fashionable in New Brunswick. (Actually it's not very fashionable anywhere.)

  5. Well I thank you. I read you daily.

  6. it's a dirty job. but somebody has to do it.