Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2: a few things worth talking about.

Most of the today's paper is the same fish wrapper it usually is. There's long, long story on some ex-politician who wants a government job. I'm sure he's a nice man. But I have no idea why his post-retirement plans merite a front page spread.

For a change, the editorial and op ed pages are pretty good.
Alec Bruce writes  his usual, solid column.

Gwynn Dyer is the same.  (He doesn't mention the ground troops in Libya probably because he almost certainly wrote t his column before the story broke. The earlier ground troops - disguised as advisors and etchnicians - have been known for a long time, but inadequately reported or documented, so he would stay away from those.)

He mentions that the prime issue is not oil but, regrettably, doesn't say what is.  That might take too lenghty a discussion of the position of the American dollar, and of a creature in the making called the African Union. Nor does he explain why Al-Quaeda is on the side of the rebels. As Dyer says, none of this is as simple as it looks.

There's the regular  and excellent column by Jody Dallaire on the op ed page.

And, unusual for the staff-written column at the top of the page, a thought provoking one by Rod Allen about high school graduation and drinking.

The level of illegal drinking in the province at high school graduation - and the tragedies associated with it - seem very high for the size of this province. Allen's column is both touching - and a warning for all of us to think of why this is happening.

Just a hint we should consider ---- How we learn to act and behave at the stages of growing up has less to do with police and school that we generally understand. It has far more to do with us, with the expectations and the examples we set.

When The Moncton Times&Transcript makes a major story out of a beer fest at the Coliseum (with a photo of adults lined up to toss back a few) that's a pretty powerful message to children on how adults are supposed to behave. When parents joke about how their kids are going to get blasted at their grad, that is a pretty powerful message to their children that loutishness is fun.

Moncton (and New Brunswick as a whole) is not a society that sets much of a model for children - not in leisure behaviour, not in respect for education, not in intellectual interests, not in public discussion.......

So, while their parents sit at home giggling about it, a lot of kids are going to get blasted. Some, based on experience, are likely to get killed. And they may take others with them.

I can already see the editorial writer blaming the public schools. And parents nodding their heads in agreement with it.

Take a good look at today's editorial and op ed pages. Thehy're worth it.

I have to admit the T&T does have some first-rate commentary writers. Too bad they mess it up with those half wit "think tank" items.

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  1. In case you have not noticed..just about anything to do with beer, wine or spirts seems to merit front page display. Beer fests, wine festivals and on and on.......if its alcohol related its IMPORTANT to this half-assed "newspaper". I agree Mr. Allen's column was unusally useful and even made sense (also unusual) but the "newspaper" as a whole should spend less time promoting the boozy lifestyle, as it were. Good points in your commentary about the powerful messages being sent.