Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16: The Moncton T&T laugh for the day

"Stupidity is contagious study finds". You'll find it at the bottom of NewsToday (C section) in today's T&T.  It's all about how the mindlessness of the media - TV and print - makes us consumers of the stuff stupid.

Of course. Look at the big shows on TV like Gerry Springer and all the "judge" shows. They're all about humiliating people for the entertainment of the audience. And those who appear on those shows usually have all the characteristics of stupidity and poverty that the audience can laugh at (while secretly knowing that they, the audience, are just as dumb.)

It all bears a remarkable resemblance to the declining Roman Empire when the population of Rome was made up of useless people who rulers had to keep stupid in their poverty so that the emperors could safely enjoy the wealth they had plundered from the Empire. That's why there were free shows of gladiators killing each other, and humans being eaten by wild animals. The Gerry Springer show is just an imitation of that . So is extreme fighting. Entertain the mob. Keep them stupid.

The funny part is to see this appearing in The Moncton Times and Transcript - a sort of print equivalent of lite rock radio. Keeping 'em stupid is what the T&T is all about.

Canada has just officially gone to war in Libya. Parliament has approved it with only Elizabeth May voting against it. (I'll never vote NDP again.) Nobody actually knows what the war is about. US congressmen, both Democrat and Republican, have public complained they have not been told what it's about.) Certainly, it has nothing to do with Canada. But we're going to kill people, anyway, just as we have been doing for months.

No Canadian newspaper has carried a clear and/or credible story explaining why we are killing people. But our parliament votes for it. And we Canadians stand around with our collective face hanging out. So our stupidity is surely contagious.

We live in a world iin which we fully cooperate in arbitrary arrest, torture, illegal war and murder. Most of it isn't in our news media. You won't find it mentioned in our churches, either. You'ld think that torture, illegal war, and murder would be required topics for the pulpit and discussion. But  not in New Brunswick. What  you're more likely to hear is how we got to get them there gays 'cause they's weird. Ain't like us real Christians who figure the end of the world is coming any day, and we'll all be up in heaven watching sinners being tortured by tarantulas.

The whole T&T is about dumbing down and entertaining the mob. It's news is  trivial. There is, for example, no mention of demonstrations against the practice of "fracking" to get shale gas. They don't cover demonstrations against anybody who has money.  (They will however, send out a full staff to cover a gathering of five people to complain about the schools. That's becasue the boss wants people to complain about the schools. Then he can start ripping them off as well as the rest of the province.)

Check out the story by the regular staff writer at the top of the op ed page.o It's almost always trivial. In a world in which we are on the edge of serious labour unrest, when drilling for shale gas with all its risks is allowed to go on with no coverage at all (and very little legislation), when we have just approved of a highly questionable war, when city council is racing to rip us off to the tune of a hundred million for a hockey ricnk, the staff writer gives us an item about big lobsters he has seen.

Duh. It's working. I feel more stoopid already. Real stoopid. I'm starting to like Alward and the Conservatives.

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