Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1: Shush - don't tell anybody......

We're at war. But it didn't make the news for The Moncton Times&Tramscript. The front page was dominated by the really big stuff - a picture of two bear cubs at the zoo, and a promo for the sports section that the NHL is returning to Winnipeg. The news in the NewsToday section is that Ottawa is studying NB's blood service option.

Two days ago, The Guardian, perhaps the most reputable newspaper in the English-speaking world, confirmed that western troops are on the ground in Libya, and have been for some considerable time; and they are working with the rebel side.  (Indeed, that has been common knowledge among western journalists almost since the start of our "humanitarian" operation. But most of our  news media have not said a word about it.)

This is easily checked. As I suggested in a previous blog, the T&T  could hire a kid at minimum wage to check the world's major news media with a computer. But, like the case of President Clinton publicly apolozing for murdering 200,000 Maya in Guatemala, it never made the T&T - not even when it was revealed that nuns and priests were killed in the slaughter, and one of the victirms was a young man from Buctouche.  The story appeared in the New York Times. In fact, that was the only North American mews medium that carried. I guess journalists don't read the New York Times.

Anyway, this raises a number of problems for Canadians.

1. We are in Libya now, dropping bombs to help the rebels.
2. Our mandate from the UN was clear that we were to go for humanitarian reasons, not to take sides.
3. There is no UN mandate at all to put in ground troops.
4. When you drop bombs on people and send in troops, that is called war. That's not a technical term. It's not an exaggeration. That's what invading other countries and killing people is properly called.
5. There are rules for going to war. They come in the form of agreements signed by most countries, including NATO countries. One rule is you cannot go to war against a country unless it has attacked you. Have you noticed any Libyan troops at the mall?
6.When you go to war you are supposed to declare war. Remember how, at the time of Pearl Harbour, Roosevelt said of the Japanese that their attack was not a nice thing to do?
7. In a democracy, people are informed when they are going to be committed to war. There is news. There is public discussion. There is debate in parliament; and there is a vote. Those are rights we supposedly won by the sacrifice of over  60,000 Canadian in 1914-1918.
8. Why do we now find ourselves now in an undeclared war with Libya? Is Libya a threat to Canada?  Have Canadians in that country been mistreated? Does anybody even know what that war is about? Has anybody thought about the consequences of yet another invasion of a Molslem country?  What about the chances that this open defiance of the UN mandate will serously weaken and possibly destroy the UN?
As a sidelight, have we been told that the American government has just cut almost one and a half million people from its assistance programme/ It's to divert spending for the wars, of course - and Canada may well have to go the same route.
So why is Canada there?
We're there because major corporations in Canada depend on kissing up to the US government for much of their business.

And if some of our sons and daughters get killed or maimed? Well, we'll say something nice about them every November 11. And the Moncton Times will run a big story on that.

I  have no idea why The Moncton Times did not run the Libya story. In the years I've read it, I've seen ignorance, propaganda, lying and incompetence. This one could be just a mixture or all four.

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  1. Word has it as well that it will be going on for three more months.