Monday, May 2, 2011

May2: Nothing terribly bad in The Moncton Times. Just trivial and boring.

By the standards of the Moncton Times and Tribune, this was a brilliant day.

Curiously, the killing of Osama Bin Laden did not make either the first page or the News section It appeared on A2, under a bigger story that Moncton voters would cast their ballots today.

That's really quite a sensible decision. Obama Bin Laden has not been a factor is causing wars for over a decade - and perhaps not even back then. He became irrelevant with the invasion of Iraq. For the years before that, the US has shown no evidence he had anything to do with 9/11 - much less being the "mastermind". He claimed credit, of course. But that's not much in the way of evidence. The Taliban tried hard to get the US to offer some evidence so they could have reason to extradite  him to the US. (They weren't looking for another war  after a generation of fighting the Soviets.) The US refused to do so, though it is normal practice (except for Canada which happily delivers its citizens for torture, and even helps out with it, on the basis of no evidence at all.)

However, you should read the story as an example of subtle propaganda.

Bin Laden is referred to as a terrorist who killed thousands of men, women, and children. That's probably quite true but....

Henry Kissinger was a terrorist who advised terror  bombing of Cambodia that killed half a million men, women and children.

George Bush 1 was  head of the CIA when it conducted a terror campaign against Gutemalan native peoples that killed 200,000 men, women and children.

Lyndon Johnson and others killed uncounted millions of innocent people in Vietnam, men, women and children.

George Bush 2 killed innocent people - somewhere over a million and a half.That, too, was deliberate terror - and it was men, women and children.

When Lyndon Johnson died, The Moncton Times did not mention he was a terrorist. Nor will they when Henry Kissinger and George Bush 1 and 2 depart this world. Not even though Bin Laden, compared to them, was a small timer.

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