Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5: A brief note

There is nothing worth commenting on in today's Moncton Times. Besides I'm rushed off my feet today, and tonight is my painting class. So just a brief comment to think about.

People speak of the danger of World War Three breaking out. In fact, it already has broken out. We  have been fighting World War Three for decades.

Occasionally, it's fought with regular troops and even with a declaration of war. But that's old-fashioned.

More often, the troops are not regular. There is no declaration of war. And there is no public debate or democratic vote for it.

The troops are now special ops, which means they normally operate in secrecy, in small groups, with specific targets, without anything resembling legal authority, and without publicity. Some, often mercenaries, are simply hired killers. Other are the so-called psy-ops who torture prisoners and manipulate nations by psychological means - often under the guidance of respected physicians and psychiatrists and psychologists.

The leading countries in the move to war by special ops are Russia, Britain, Israel, Germany and the US. The Russians and Israelis may be the best, followed by the Russians and Germans.. When the USSR first took control of Afghanistan, it did it with only 200 or so special ops people. Then they lost control as US special ops intervened to train and equip people like Osama bin Laden.

When the Russians lost that war, the US blundered into the same trap it had set for the Russians, using regular forces from the start..

Special ops forces arre now fighting all over the world in wars that have never been declared, and are never honestly reported. British and American special forces are in Libya. There were almost certainly there before the revolution. In fact, they almost certainly caused it. One can say the same for most of the rest of Africa and the middle east.

Central and South America are infested with special ops, often using the drug trade, or posing as narcotics police. Israel speical ops have been in Central America, rented out to the US. And there are many similar partnerships.

So many private companies and government agencies are involved, and there is so little reporting, that nobody, even in government, is in general control. Whole countries, espcially in Africa, are in chaos and suffering because of speical ops warfare. Expect the same chaos soon in Central America as the US tries to regain control of it fadiing power in that region. In fact, it has already begun in Guatemala and, probably, in Venezuela.

World War Three is already on, and on over more of the world that World War Two was.

The part of it that mystifies me is the killing of Osama bin Laden. He had become an irrelevant figure except in one respect. He was important to stustain hysteria in the US. He was the bogeyman hauled out to justify old fashioned wars that were really pure aggression for profit - like Iraq. He was the one who so terrified Americans that clowns like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump became popular leaders.

US governments needed bin Laden. So why did they kill him? By doing so, they have created an international hero and myth, one that works against them.

My guess? Obama has an election coming up. He needs to, as Ronald Reagan said when he sent a giant aricraft carrier and thousands of soldiers to invade a tiny resort island with a tiny army that was only part time, and less than half trained, and with no navy or air force. (The onlystumbling block was that as the troops were landed, they realized that nobody had thought to give them maps.)  I ramble but, as Ronnie said, "American has to walk tall."

To do that, Obama has to show that, like Bush, he is ready to order the klling of anybody - (just so long as he, like George), never has to serve in action Yessir. John Wayne Obama is standin' tall doin' whut a man's gotta do. For the cameras.

And we are in World War Three.

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