Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31 again: Flash for The Moncton T&T

The  very reputable British paper, The Guardian, in its issue of May 30, confirms that there are western troops on the gound in Libya. It says they are probably British SAS, and they are working with t he rebels.

Ready to bet you won't see that story in the T&T for Wednesday?

We're at war. Nobody has approved it. We haven't even been told.So much for the sacrifice of a hundred thousand Canadians in two world wars and Korea.
I also want to apologize for saying the T&T is the worst paper I have ever seen. Today, I read its sister paper, The Telegraph-Jounral. For vileness, ignorance and malice, today's editorial on education makes the T&T look refined.
I think I'll pass on  the third, ugly sister -    The Fredericton Gleaner.

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