Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25: men - to look sexy,be moody and ashamed.

Canada is inches away from war as NATO troops go way past their mandate to control a 'No-fly" zone over Libya. With the deploment of special ops troops, "advisors" and ground-attack helicopters, NATO is  openly intervening for one side in a civil war. We are there with our air force commitment - and we almost certainly can't get out of it. We are, the news media likes to say, helping the democracy side. Really? And where is the evidence that democracy has anything to do with this?

And if we are intervening for democracy, how come we aren't intervening in Bahrain, where   Bahrain and Saudi Arabian forces have been torturing and killing democracy supporters?

But why worry? The big news is that is that if men want to make it - they should look broody. But women, should look humble and shy. Men like that. Who would have guessed?

That's the big news in the NewsToday section of The Moncton Times&Transcript, the newspaper that keeps you happy by not telling you anythng.

Meanwhile, the NB Energy Commission report  (carefully written in bureaucratese and largely unintelligible) does make page one. It suggests New Brunswick much look to gas  (presumably methane) which is here in great quantities. We need it, says the report, for transitional puproses.

This would be interesting news, if only we had some information about how we're going to get the stuff.

The seismic testing for shale gas (as it's called) is going on now. The Moncton T&T hasn't said a word. Where is this testing going on? Why have several states as well as Quebec and Nova Scotia declared a moratorium on the method ("fracking") of getting this gas? Why has France banned it? Why did Pennsylvania fine a "fracking" company a million dollars for poisoning the water table, and doing other, severe damage.

Exactly who is the company doing this research? What is their record? Do they plan to sell it (our gas) to us? Or is this for export to other places?  Will our government intervene to make sure our interests are protected? (Just joking, folks. We all know the record of NB governments in intervening to protect us. And current premier Alward seems a well-trained puppy even that that standard.)

If this is such a valuable resource, why are we just handing it out to a private business - and  a foreign private business at that? Who are the psople behind this private business?

Alas! Not only is The Moncton Times&Transcript unlikely to do any of these things, but the Alward government won't do anything, either. (Today's editorial suggests the Alward government has a vision of the future. That's good. Perhaps the eidtorial writer can also tell us what that vision is - the writer's statement is that the vision consists of balancing the budget and moving forward by a system of judicious restaraint.  Right. That means that there vision is to do good things. In a good way. So everbody will like it. Very crisp. Very clear. That's in a class with the goody-goody drivel that they were going to listen to people. Why do I always feel I'm in first year of Sunday School when I hear the politicians in this province?)

Some day, New Brunswickers will have the maturity, integrity and courage to demand that its economic masters answer  these questions.  Some day New Brunswickers will shake off their passivity when the leeches crawl over them to suck them dry.

. Some day. But they don't have much time. It's now or never. If extracting shale gas does half the damage scientists warn about, a good deal of this province could be unlivable.

For operners, Mr. Editor, don't waste your time looking for information in your newspaper. Go to google. Type New Brunswick is NOT for sale.(Dont't ask Mr Irving for permission first.)

It will give you a break from reading the servile swill that appears in your newspaper every day.

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