Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25: An afterthought for this day.

Premier Alward, with his visions and "listening to people" style of leadership, reminds me of Shirley Temple, the ultra-cutsie child song and dance star in 1930s films. In later life, she ran for Congress. It was at the height of the disastrous Vietnam War. Reporters asked her wear she stood on the war.

"Well," she said, giving her famed dimples a real workout. They call some people hawks on the war. And other people are doves. So I'm going to be an owl, and I'm going to watch and listen. Then, I'll decide."

The report ended with a video memory - Shirley Temper's head turning side to side as she stared and listened, just like an owl.

If Mr. Alward could practice turning his head, he might be able to use this line.

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