Tuesday, May 24, 2011

may 24: "Moncton has ....grown...and achieved... world-wide attention...

Lord love a duck. The manipulative drivel in my headling appears on the op ed page by a man identified as the chair of our Mayor's seniors advisory committee -  a liaison body  between the mayor, the Moncton City Council, and seniors. God help the seniors. He reads more like a shill for big business.

For operners, I wonder if we could  drop this "The whole world is watching Moncton" idiocy. Moncton is a lovely, small city. I like it. But most of the world has never heard of it. Probably, most of Canada has never heard of it. So let's cooll the rhetoric.

The commentary, by somebody named Ed Graham (the world is almost certainly not watching him, either) is a pitch for the proposed $84,000,000 hockey arena and civic centre. To that he adds delightful boutiques and restaurants and art galleries. And what does this have to do with seniors?

Well, they will be moving into lovely, downtown condos and apartments. And they'll need a place nearby where they can buy tickets so they can watch hockey games, and big-time, world acts like Stars on Ice. And, of course, fine dining and delightful boutiques.

What do we call this? Half-witted? Viviously exploitive? Both?

In the first place, most seniors are in no position to  move into lovelhy apartments and condos downtown. Far more will be wondering how to keep warm where they are as oil prices rise.

Nor are they likely to have a whole lot of money to spare for hockey games or Stars on Ice or trendy little boutiques, or charming restaurants. For a man responsible for seniors in this city, to use them as part of a scam to throw away $84.000,000 of our tax money into the pockets of billionaires in disgusting.

It's true that our seniors have bottoms that can be seated to watch shows. But they also have brains.  So do we all in Moncton. But there is damn little use for one in this trivial city. The library, which could, for much less that $84.000.000 become a vibrant social centre, is one of the worst funded in Canada. It's notable, too, that almost all recreational services for serniors come through volunteers.

If the hockey arena/convention centre were to be of any profit at all, the "great" families of this province would never let us own it. They would build it themselves, and keep the profit. (They would, though, find a way to further rip us off by getting taxpayer "support".) Theit purpose is to privatize everything from public schools to energy so they can do a thorough job of bleeding this province dry. And, yes, we will soon see the premier talking about another energy scam just as Shawn Graham did..

Since I moved to Moncton, I have beeen daily astonished at how the greedy, controlling fingers of our ruling barons reaches into every corner of life in this province, right down even to the local home and school. So I cannot say the behaviour of the mayor, the City Council, and the Senior Advisory's Committee comes as a surprise.

It is certainly contemptible - though even there we have to take a charitable approach and recognize the possitiliby that they may be too stupid to realize how contemptible their behaviour is.

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