Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21: What can I say?

A front page story in today's Moncton Times&Transcript is that a local politician/lawyer who is the usual type of politician/lawyer is going to run for head of the provincial Liberal Party - which is really the provincial Conservative party in drag.. The story, beginning on page one, is followed is followed by three, full pages of pure drivel and gush about the politician . With pictures.

Then, there's an editorial."Michael Murphy a capable leader".

This is not just bias. It is childishness. It's an insult to everybody to has to pay for this fish-wrapper.

So what's the real story? My guess would be that the newspaper's owners fear that Premier Alward will not be able to deliver the goods they want (privatization of NB power, etc.)  Or perhaps Alward is getting nervous about the the drive of private companies too extract shale gas from our soil, whatever the cost to the environment and our health.

There is no story in NewsToday about the arrival of the drill to be used in testing for gas at Steeves Mountain.  It arrived yesterday. Maybe we should have a contest to see who gets the frist poisoned water in the family taps. Anyone dumb enough to read the bilge about Mike Murphy would surely go for such a contest to win, say, his very own stomach pump.

The front page also  had a picture of the funeral of that great New Brunswicker Wallace McCain, who actually lived in Toronto. The photo was intriguing. It showed a church interior with a prominent Canadian flag. I thought most churches had taken the flag out of the sanctuary soon after World War Two.

There was also an Americna flag; and, in the corner, almost hidden a British flag. Why? What was the message of that in a church? Was it the bortherhood of man? If so, why not a Libyan flag? Or a Cuban one?
What it the connection between those three flags?

Oh, yeah. They represent political, economic, and military ties between the three countries. That was what Jesus was all about.

For relief from the trivia, manipulation and dishonesty of the rest of The Moncton Times&Transcript (and for relief from Christian churches who seem shaky on understanding what Christianity is about), I turned to the Saturday youth pages. All were good. ( I wonder if we realize how tough it is to come up with a topic and a column every week.)

Anway, all were good. But the one that caught my eye was by the youngest contributor Jana Giles. She mentioned that students are told to study - but very few are ever told how to stody. That, alas, is the story everywhere.

With public school, night courses, teacher training, BA, MA, Ph.D, I spent over twenty years in school. Nobody at any level taught me anything useful about how to study. So a friend and I worked out a method.
It involved limiting study time to about fifteen minutes a day - but every day, and each day studying that day's work, work from a week ago, and work from a month ago. I kept track on index cards. At the end of a term, I could recite all my notes with ease.

(That's not really learning, of course. It's just memorizing, which has very little long term value. But it gets you through most exams.)

I might add that in all my university years, nobody ever taught me how to write. They all insisted on high standards. But no professor seemed to know exactly what those standards were and, in any case, nobody knew how to teach them.

I imagine that all the editors of The Moncton Times&Transcript are university graduates.

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  1. The Mike Murphy drivel must be a new low , even for the Fishwrap Gazette.Three pages of gushing admiration for a politician who ran out on his party when the going got tough and under false pretenses at that..but...according to the editorial a politician who never "minces his words." Don't forget on those three pages ofbullcrap several pictures of Mike Murphy, God's gift to New Brunswick, taken at various ages.(Was he just elected POpe, or something??)
    By God, we do love the Murphys, don't we?????
    Surely this sort of unmitigated hero worship must be an embarrasment..even to the bosses in Saint John. Wouldn't it be? And that funeral photo ....was that for the man who l just absolutely LOVED New Brnswick so much he moved to Toronto, where his funeral and burial were held? That same man???? But hey, another "hero", Frank McKenna spoke at the it MUST be important. Right?