Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18: how to lie without ACTUALLY lying.

Ever since its birth in the very late nineteenth century, the modern newspaper has been been used by its ownders to manipulate public opinion opinion. William Randolph Hearts did it by inflaming opinion about the sinking of an American warship to make it appear a Spanish plot. In fact, there is not evidence of any such plot. The Maine was sunk, almost certainly, by the imcompetence of its captain. But the plot story worked to American big business the war it wasnted with Spain.

A New Brunswick boy, Lord Beaverbrook, used his British paper in the same way. Withiin little more than a decade, he had become so powerul, he was a force to be reckoned with as a possible prime minister. That's why the prmie Minister, Lloyd George, had the king name him a lord. As a lord, he was ineligible to run for the House of Commons - and that took a worry off Lloyd George's mind.

Most North American dailies are used to manipulate people. One method is selling the public on ideas that will make the owners richer. The other is keeping  the public ignorant of what is going on. The Moncton Times and Transcrips excels in the latter category. Check out today's NewsToday.

Let's see. The big leader story was that Harper would announce his cabinet today. There is no mention of who he might announce. But he's going to do it. Well, I can certainly build my day around that.

The IMF chief faces charges to quit. Well,  that's not only old news, but hardly a flash seeing hie's charged with sexual assault. An Ontario inquest is investigating the death of a Moncton teen. And the Queen honored Irish nationalists. And that's it for today, kiddies.

Now, let's look at what didn't makes the "NewsToday".

An American private company has rented 100,000 mercenaries to Bahrain, where the ruler (dictator) has been killing, jailing and torturing demonstrators who want democracy. He also has the help of his good friiend, the King (dictator) of Saudi Arabia. That raises some interesting points.

If we're so concerned about humanitarian needs and the struggle against dictators, how come we don't have a no-fly zone over Bahrain?

Then there's the growing mercenary business. Some are real soldiers. Most are thugs hired from gutters around the world. They have left a trail of theft, rape and murder across Iraq, Aghanistan, Pakistan, and in speical ops raids in more countries than anybody knows. They are now an essential part of American armies, as Americans have lost their enthusiasm for serving the country. (It's something like ancient Rome in its last days.)

The news from Libya is that NATO has been charged with going way past its mandate to control the air. It has openly gone over to supporting the rebels. Interestingly, many excellent news services say that the rebels are not fighting for democracy, and do not represent the majority of the Libyan people. (Yes, Ghadaffi is a nasty bit of goods. So are most of the leaders on our side.)

Good sources also say that NATO is using ground forces, contrary to its mandate. It seems the British have landed special ops groups and,  the US, has sent in military "advisors". We're at the edge of a full war in Libya. And Canada will have to be a  part of it because we are already there and involved. So much for the Canadian people, through their parliament, deciding on war.

Oh, and the chief of British intelligence has written to an official enquiry that Tony Blair lied to parliament about the reasons for going to war against Iraq. That would make him a war criminal. Bush, too, must have lied since both gave the same reasons.

Exploration for shale gas is under way in New Brunswick. There's reason to believe it could have disastrous effects on the whole province. The Times has said almost nothing about it, or about the risks.

And did you know that Canada has signed an agreement with the US so that by a simple request we will send troops to the US in case of civil disorder there - and they could be asked to enter Canada for the same reason? Why would the US need Canadian troops in case of civil disorder? Because Canadian troops could be used without the consent of congress. Besides, they can't get nearly enough Americans to join the army. That's why we have a booming business in the rental of thugs from "private contractors".

This is all information easily avaliable on the web, and from excellent sources such as The Manchester Guardian, BBC, Reuters, Le Monde, papers all over Europe. But not much in North America. And certainly not in the Moncton Times&Transcript.

Then there are a couple of business pages that are mostly trivia and feel good articles.

The slogan of stage comics used to be "make 'em laugh". The slogan of The Moncton Times and Tribune seems to be "keep 'em in the dark."


  1. Apparently you didn't notice the Irving propaganda that took up a quarter of the front page................

  2. Damn. You're right.
    I guess I just automatically turn off when I see a photo of a politician and a corporate boss wearing hard hats and pretending to be jes' folks.

  3. Plain folks, the way..if what one reads on a message board can be considered to be accurate..the 70 brand new jobs for Bouctouche plant corresponds exactly with the number of jobs being deleted at the facility in Debert, Nova Scotia. Could that possibly be WITHOUT the "NEWSPAPER" digging into the "back story"?????? Also, based on the size of the story , one would think the Irvings were building a new Empire State Building. Let us pray!!