Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12: Lord love a duck....

Today's Moncton Times and Transcript is a real stinker - uninformative, gushing over our social superiors, fawning, preaching from ignorance.... What a shocking waste of trees this newspaper is!

The story on the Clinton/McKenna visit was pure gush. It was, we were told, about the world economy. At the end of it,there was still no mention of what the hell they said about the world economy. We do know, though, that they sat in green, plushy chairs and told a joke.

They couldn't have said much about the world economy because he whole show lasted only 35 minutes, including a long portion devoted to the killing of bin-Laden and time for three questions, all about bin Laden. If the audience of  "political leaders, business giants, esteemed academics, officials from Canadian Forces..."  learned anything from that, they must have been an incredibly thick bunch to begin with.

Both expressed their deep concern for Haiti. Bullshit. Haiti is the product of hundreds of years of brutal exploitation by France, Britain and the US who have pillaged that country into becoming the poorest in the western hemisphere while terrorizing it with some of the most ruthless dictators in history. The US deposed and exiled the only democratically elected president it ever had. And the US has still not given a cent of the recovery money it promised at the time of the earthquake. On behalf of the people of Haiti, I thank you for your concern, Bill and Frank.

The final gushes came from our Education Minister, Jody Carr. "It was thought-provoking. It  was quite an honour to have him here. He's very intellectual. And it was great to see Frank McKenna as well, still doing well for the people of New Brunswick." As to the killing of bin Laden, she said, " was hearfelt...remembering the people who died because of him."

Quite so. And what's your favourite brand of bubble gum, Jody?

Any thoughts ot sadness about the almost two million innocent people who have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan - and all the millions of innocent people imprisoned, tortured, maimed, widowed, orphaned  and impoverished since then? Or don't they count as real people?

Stick with the bubble gum, Jody.  And god help our education system.

Despite the headline, it was not a sold-out audience. Many students got free tickers. So, I'm sure, did many of the politicians, army officers, etc. in attendance. As to the university people, only a damn fool would pay to watch that farce.

Bill Clinton charges big time for his visits. Like many presidents recently, he has made a fortune out of being an ex-president. I suspect Frank McKenna had a fee, too. So, with all those tree tickets, exactly how much did this dog and pony show cost the taxpayers?

The same page has another Clinton/McKenna adventure, the opening of the Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership at St. FX, the alma mater of Franck McKenna and also of another  leader beloved by Canadians for his self-sacrifice and generosity, Brian Mulroney.

Again, it seems to have been a fest of platitudes, bafflegab and nonsense. In attendance were acadmics from all over the maritimes. Of course. University administrators and most professors will kiss any rear end that has a pocket with money in it.

The final bit of gush then, not surprisiingly came from a dean at UNB.who praised the new centre as a source of meaningful productive change. Yes, indeed. Meaningful productive change is so much better than unemeaningful productive change.

The front page has a big story about Moncton beefing up culture planning for "community development through improved quality of life". Always be wary when you see bafflegab like that. In fact, the new committee on culture reports to the city's Economic Development, Tourism, and Culture Department. This will have very little impact on culture in Moncton. Of course not. It isn't meant to. It's for tourism, hotels, business in general. It's no more cultural than it was to invite Clinton and McKenna. At least, the latter told a joke. A joke is culture, kind of.

Glad to hear of the plan to close Main Street to traffic, and make it a place to stroll along and have coffee on the sidewalk. That should be very nice for at least six months of the year.

But where will strollers and coffee lovers park their cars?

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