Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27: God bless you, M. Thibodeau

The government, which is quite eager to have us all borrow millions to pay for a deluxe hockey rink, is demanding that our schools, already so underfunded they have to impose fees to pay for supplies - and many of which are dangerously crumbling- is demanding the schools cut even more.

Can you imagine it treating a major corporation that way? The Education Minister has demanded to see the books for the French language schools of Metro Moncton. Can you imagine any government of the last fifty years asking to check the books of a corporation when it pleads that its taxes are too high? Or that it needs a low-cost loan or, more likely, a handout?

The game is obvious. The provincial debt is high (though certainly not from overspending on education).That debt is going to be paid by the general public, you and me. It is not going to be paid by the wealthy. So the hell with our children and their schools.

Enter m. Thibodeau, chairman of the District 1 (francophone) education council. He did something I have never seen anybody do to the hack politicians and corporate rulers of this province. He told the minister, in effect, to fuck off.

Perhaps, someday, New Brunswick  will become a democracy, and will no longer be ripped off by greedy corporations assisted by servile politicians and a contemptible press. When that day comes, I want to suggest  that m. Thibodeau's portrait become the provinical crest with, beneath his face, a motto along the lines of the words I suggest at the close of the paragraph above.

m. Thibodeau is that rare person (in New Brunswick, an endangered species), to display ethics, honesty, and courage in public life. I congratulate him. I envy him.We should all learn from him.

God bless you, m. Thibodeau.

Oh, for a stomach churning contrast, look at p. A3. "Irving to be honoured", (Builder of Youth Award presentation). Tickets are $250 each. That means that most of the youths Mr. Irving  has developed won't be able to afford it.

Well, that's the way it goes. Remember how Obama got the Nobel Prize for Peace?


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