Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25: We are saved. Hallelujah; we are saved.

For an important report , it was placed, quietly enough, on p. A3 of The Moncton Times&Transcript. And it's an important story from many angles.

Mr. Alward got elected on a promise that he would listen to people. And he has. He hasn't done anything. but he has listened. However, that has changed. Now, he's going to do something.

For some time, Mr Alward has been listening to David Ganong and Camille Theriault. You may recall these eminent gentlemen were closely associated with a Mr. Irving in the economic summit of some months ago. You may also recall it was shortly later that Mr;. Irving announced to the world that he and his friends were now a part of the government (without all that nasty bother about getting elected.)

His friends, Ganong and Theriault pitched an idea to Mr. Alward - which that worthy pronounced an excellent idea. They are forming a group coming out of the economic summit which will revive the New Brunswick economy. The group will be much the same as that for the economic summit. That is, it will mostly be people like Ganong,Theriault,. Irving and their senior flunkies as the main movers, but with, a few small businesss people, a scattering of university presidents and some "polly wants a cracker" professors who will attend as potted plants. Mr. Alward has agreed to join them. (Well, not all potted plants are decorative.)

Note - our elected premier has not said he will adopt their idea. . Ganong and the boys are doing it whatever Alward says. Ganong is quoted in the article as saying he and his boys would run the show; they just wanted to make sure the government would not oppose them. 

A New Brunswick premier?  Opposing a corporation wish? Donne-moi un break?  Our elected premier wagged his little tail for the big kids, and said he accepted their leadership. So guess who really runs the province.

Their plan was developed 10 years ago in Oregon. As in NB, it began with an economic summit. What a coincidence! The idea was to make government a partner along with big business, universities and colleges to raise the employment rate and income in Oregon compared to other states.   And how has it done in Oregon?

In the last ten years, the unemployment rate in Oregon has tripled; and  the poverty rate has remained at the US average. It is not surprising, then, that no state governor has been dumb enough  to buy into such a scheme. (Yes, buy is the correct word. The schemers have already suggested "making capital more available to enterprises" Guess who is going to supply that capital).

It's been a long road. This is what the economic summit and the visit of Jeb Bush over a year ago were all about. This is what those commentaries from Atlantic Insititute of Market Studies and The Frazer Institute, etc. on the op ed pages of The Moncton Times&Telegraph were all about. This is why Alward said nothing when Irving made the arrogant and unconstitutional statement that he had formed a coalition with the government.

We're being taken -again. But this time, nobody is even petending that the opinions of government or people matter a damn. Irving's announcement just before Christmas that he had formed a coalition with the government was the signal that even pretend democracy was dead. The silence of Alward and all our elected representatives and our press told us "signal read and understood".

It's amazing how much western capitalism has been distorted over the last fifty years to resemble soviet communism in its latter days. It really has. Perhaps that's what happens to all economic systems.

Some day, I'll have to write a little piece on that to show the similarities between the two. Maybe I can publish it in The Moncton Times&Transcript&Pravda.

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