Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21: Blah!

There is nothing much of anything in today's Moncton Times and Transcript. That appears to be their strategy for the election. Keep it irrelevant and dopey. So, on days like this, I drop into the vast resersvoir of news the T&T (and others) have never printed.

Every hear of The Project for the New American Century? It's something worth knowing in this Canadian election.

The project was drawn up by people on the far right of even the Republican party. It was signed by people like Dick Cheney, who became Bush's VP, by Rumsfeld, who became Bush's Secretary of the army, and by George Bush's brother, Jeb. You may recall Jeb. He was invited to Moncton to give a speech on education (of which he knows nothing) at the request, as I remember it, of Atlantic Insistute of Marketing Studies (of which the president at the time was an Irving.) The Moncton Times gave his speeck a lot of space, and nothing but praise. What a coincidence!

The idea of the project was to conquer the world. Of course, they didn't say that. It was put into nice words. The basic idea was this. The US now has a lot of economic and mlitary power. But it will decline as other powers, like China, grow. Therefore, the US must use its power now. Now or never.

You can read it for yourself. Just google "Project for the New American Century".

In brief, the US must challenge regimes "hostile to our interests and values". The values are not defined - which is, perhaps discreet in a nation which has more people in jail than any country in the world, and whose values include torture on a mass scale.

The interests refers to economic interests, of course. Thus the interest in Iraq and Libya. Thus the lack of interest in "humnitarian help" for protestors in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. It underlines the point with a closing sentence that the US has a unique role in preserving AND  EXTENDING an international order friendly to American security, prosperity and values.

Sounds reasonable? Okay. Just imagine powerful people in China made such a statement. Would you be all eager for preserving and extending an international order friendly to China's security, prosperity and values?  Or, maybe such a statement from Russia? The Islamic world?

Of course, there's a good word said for democracy in the project. That sounds odd for a country whose allies include some of the worst dictatorships in the world (such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain), and which has overthrown democracies that were "awkward" - as in Haiti, Iran, Chile, Guatemala...

Behind all the sweet words is an arrogant declaration that the US has the right and the duty to do whatever it likes in any country it chooses. That's not leadership. That's conquest. That's a world empire. And any such "leadership" cannot exist with democracy. How can the people of any country have any democratic choice on how they want to live when they are required to accept US "leadership"?

This project was the basis of American foreign policy under Bush. It still is under Obama. And, as Obama has proven, there is not the slightest possibility of change under the American two-parties-financed-by-big-business form of democracy.

This sort of thinking is here, right here in New Brunswick. It is spread by the many "think-tanks" sponsored by corporate leaders like the Irvings. That is why I was disturbed by Mr. Irving's announcement that he had formed a coalition with the gtovernment. It was not just that he was speaking in defiance of democracy. It was his arrogance in assuming he had a right to make such a claim. And it was the craven failure of anybody in this province to contradict him.

The Project for the New American Century (and The New Irving Century) is not something happening somewhere else. It is here. The political leader most in tune with it is Stephen Harper.  Michael Ignatieff will do what corporate leaders want him to do. So he'll probably be on board.

This is probably the single, most serious issue in the election. We have been drawn into what will probably be an endless series of wars to make super-rich people super -super-rich. Our children and our children's children will pay one hell of a price for our failure to oppose this.

Have you ever seen a news report in The Moncton Times about the project? Think you ever will?

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