Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9: The rant continues

Today's editorial in The Moncton Times and Transcript is much like its Phil Seeley comment of yesterday - and much like The Fraser Institute commentary and the editorial that preceded it. . "Moncton council failed to hold line".  It attacks the Moncton Council for agreeing to wage increase of 2.7% a year for city workers. This, in the view of the editorial writer is a scandalous waste - and I presume this is the same editorial writer who thought it was a neat idea to borrow $84 million for a hockey rink.

Two point seven percent in just one year?  How shameless!  Of course, it they were deserving people -like senior executives of auto companies who go broke, or of paper mills that want more crown land and maybe a grant or two, or foodpackers who want big tax cuts - raises of a hundred percent or more in a year are so reasonable the paper rarely evens reports on it.

The messsage is simple. As times get tough, pull out all the stops to make the rich richer and dump the rest of us to look after ourselves.

What a wretched excuse for a newspaper! No wonder they accept commentaries from a Phil Seeley.

There will  be another blog today, this time about a good newspaper.

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