Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7: Cute, really cute...

The Moncton Times and Tribune never met a big business propaganda outfit it didn't like. That's why comments by phony think-tanks so soften appear on the op-ed page. Today, it's The Fraser Institute, the one that makes the Irvings and McCains look like communists. But, oh, the approach is cute.

The heading is "How corporate welfare undermines core essential services". Wow! At last. Something about how handouts, grants, loans, concessions, etc. to big business take attention away for "core essential services".  Gee. Does this mean we're going to do less for business and more for people?

Well, no. Not actually.

It certainly says governments should give less to the corporations who fund their campaign expenses. But that's a safe thing to say since we all know (wink, wink) that isn't going to happen. In fact, the commentary,near its end, doesn't say we should hand out less to big business. It says we should hand out more. It just says it in a way that sounds as though it's getting realistic about business.

It says, near the end, we should give big business even more tax breaks.  But, gee golly whiz, isn't giving big business lower taxes just another way of letting it get more of our money? If we don't give a million in handouts, but do give a million in reduced taxes - gee, I have to close my eyes here, and think real hard but....isn't that really all the same thing? Doesn't big business still end up with more of our money?

And haven't economists long ago learned that cutting business taxes is the worst way to build an economy? (You'll find that in quite respectable books on economics. But "the researchers" at The Fraser Institute never read books like that.)

And what are "core essential services"? Health? Education? Decent housing? Higher minimum wage? No, No, No, and No. What the government should be doing is spending more money on putting more people into prison for longer periods. Let people suffer illness. Let schools collapse for lack of maintenance. Let people live in hovels. Let companies pay poverty-level wages.

The keys to Canada's future are lowering taxes for the rich, and putting more of the poor in jail.

What looks like a left wing stance to get tough on business is actually somewhere to the right of even Harper's platform for the next election.

That's cute.

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