Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 4; Normal idiocy in the Moncton TandT - and a thought for tomorrow.

I iwon't waste much time sicussing today's Montcton Times and Transcript because it's mostly just the usual trivia. One item stood out, though, a commentary from one of their favourite "think-tanks", the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. Amzaing how how many of these simiplisitc pieces of propaganda from that institute and its brethren in public fraud such as The Fraser Institute and AIMS the TandT can always find time and space for.

Big business and its friends in the federal Conservative party are determined to cram as many people into our jails as possible for as long as possible. (That, in a belt-tightening budget time, means that the prison system will be so busy finding places to stuff the overflow it will have even fewer resources than it does now to do any rehabilitation. It will also have to cut back on silly things like schools and hospitals to pay for more jails.) Harper likes the idea because it will attract the votes of his kind of people - ones he has managed to scare into believing we have a crime wave going on.

It also appeals to Harper because it appeals to big business. And it appeals to big business because they see a chance to privatize prisons, and make lots of nice profit. Such prisons have been in use for years now in the US. and have a reputation of hell-holes with lots of violence, poor living conditions - and zero rehabilitation. At least one of them was caught paying off a judge to sentence more juveniles to prison and for longer terms.

So Harper will be running the next election on law and order.  (This is the same Harper who did not lay charges or even complete an investigation into the case of Brian Mulroney, and who is not showing much interest in accusations of illegal election spending by Conservatives.)

Anyway, this "think tank" tries to counter the statistics which show Canada has a declining crime rate - not a rising one.  It does so by saying statistics on crime are never reliable. True enough. Lots of statistics are like that. So the "think tank" produces its statistics to show the crime rate is rising. Get that?

They say statistics in this field can't be trusted. Then they use their own statistics to show the government statistics are wrong.

But Harper says more people in jail for longer stretches will reduce crime. Right. The US has more people per capita in prison than any other country in the world. Yessiree. It must be heaven to live in a country as crime-free as the US.

For tomorrow's blog - a follower of this site  is thinking of moving with her husband and children from a Quebec town to Moncton. She asked me if I thought Moncton was a good place to live - especially for children. So I'll take a try at telling her the good and the bad about Moncton. That will be in tomorrow's blog.

Please jump in, and comment.  Correct me where you think I'm wrong. Add things I have not paid enough attention to. Let's all do a favour for someone who is really interested in coming to live among us.

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