Tuesday, March 22, 2011

march 21: same old, same old...

The Moncton Times Standard did the same propaganda hack job for its fourth report (attack) on NB civil servants and unions. Who are they writing it for? It certainly isn't for Premier Alward or his Minister of Finance. They both had their marching orders before the budget even came up for public discussion. These are two dogs who know their master.

They're writing the reports for you. They want to kill any criticism of the budget because it's the kind of budget corporations want. (which suggests that one editor, at least, must have been improperly informed about some contents of the budget.)

As usual, the report has a front page headline about the horrors of the civil service followed by a dash - and then the word "experts". As usual, the"experts" were chosen by the editors. It reminds me of my working days in China when I would wake up to news from The New China News Agency

There really isn't much of anything in this final "report". Well, it does have a touch of accidental humour. One of the "experts" says that if the civil service grows at the rate it has since 1990, it will reach 63,000 by the year. Wow! I have a kitten that has doubled its size in the past year. That means that if it continues growing at that rate, it will need the hockey arena to hold it by 2300. Something to think about.

other points....
1. the top headline is that a business group has rasied 2.5 million for a an events centre  (which will cost far more that will\ have to come out of tax money, the same tax money we save by cutting the civil service and lose by lowering taxes on corporations.)

Well, the business group hasn't actually raised the money, though the headline and the first two paragraphs give the impression they have. They've promised to raise it.

The story doesn't doesn't say so but, since the cost is estimated at 72 million dollars, that probably includes the hockey rink. So, New Brunswick can't possibly maintain its present education budget or its government services - but $72 mil for a hockey rink and convention centre. No problemo.

2, The editorial is the usual piece of self-righeous dim-wittedness. The WE SAY of this one, though, is hilarious."We must legislate a solution to public sector growth and greed." (The greed, it seems, refers to unions.)

Tell you what (Mr Cunningham?). See if you can develop the courage, professionalism and integrity to write a column on a legislative solution to private sector growth and greed. Have the integrity to examine just how much the the private sector takes from this province compared to what it gives back.

3.Viktor Pivarov, a photographer at the T&T got nominated for a national award for an excellent picture he got -one that took some courage as well as being on the spot. But read how the news is presented. It's at the bottom of the page with a big picture which I learned, to my relief, was not the nominated photo but a picture of somebody named Robert Warner who wrote the story.

Usually, a news story begins with a statement of what the news is. This one begins as the life story of Robert Warner (I have no idea why),then becomes a hymn of praise for New Brunswick's anglo newspapers. Victor Pivarov doesn't get a mention until paragraph seven. The rest of the story returns to the theme of the superb quality of the Irving press.

Get used to it, Pikarov. All news media work that way. I've won a half dozen or so awards for best of the year for Central Canada and for Canada as a whole for editorials on radio, and commentaries in print. I never even got to touch the awards. They were sent to the radio station or the newspaper with only the name of the media company on the award. The only way I could tell they were for me was the title of the winning item. In all cases, the award was to the station or the newspaper -and those awards still hang on their walls. I never got them.

Any time it was mentioned by the newspaper or radio station, it was always to show what a high class act THEY were. That's why the article by Robert Warner talks mostly about him and the Irving press. That's why the picture on the front page is of Robert Warner, and not of you or of the great picture you took.

Get used to it in the world of journalism.

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  1. Ha, ha..I also thought the item by Robert warner (whomever in hell he is) was hilarious. All about ME, ME ME and the GREAT IRVING PRESS........ and, oh, by the way, the young photog got a pretty good picture.
    Oh my..............what a bloody joke.
    This warner must be pretty great though to be editor in chief of such a fabulous news organizaton. (stifle chuckle)