Tuesday, March 1, 2011

march 1: March came in like a lion - accompanied by two jackasses

The lead editorial was an excellent warning that Moncton's streets are poorly plowed. Thought the clearing of roads is quite good,  the clearing of sidewalks is far below acceptable. Indeed, its often non-existent. The removal of snowbanks is appallingly bad, and very dangerous. This is an important editorial, and well-written. That's the lion.

Jackass no. 1 - This one is really two people writing for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, another of those propaganda "think tanks" which appears to be aimed at supporting the Harpers, Bushes, and corporate leaders of this world. This report is on Canada's northland security. At least, that is what the title says. Unfortunately, it was written by two professors - almost a guarantee that it will be badly-written gobbledy-gook. (I attended universities for ten years as a student, and taught in them for over 35 years. I came to know a great many incomprehensible lecturers and writers).

It is bad enough that The Moncton Times&Transcript routinely features this sort of propaganda. But a half-awake editor should realize that this, besides being propaganda, was written by people so incapable of communication that is it higly unlikely any reader will understand it.

It's full of buzzwords that are never defined. For example, it focusses on "Canada's traditional views of foreign policy", especially in terms of the Arctic. Anybody care to tell me what that means? I taught Canadian History, and was a close friend of a noted historian of Canada's North  And I have no idea what these writers mean.

Then it babbles about modern globalization trends after the Cold War which has led to more attention paid to  humanitarian crises, and the reinvention of intenational organizaions. I presume this means that the traditional views centred on military force to protect soverignty - and it is these traditional views that we should return to.)  If this is what these esteemed scholars are saying, they're full of it. Canada has never had anything close to a force capable of exercising sovereignty in the Arctic, and we have even less these days.

We pay more attention to humanitarian crises? Like hell we do. Aid has, if anything, gone down since the end of the Cold War, Nor am I aware of anything like a reorganization of international organizations. The UN, for example, and international law have both been victims of deliberate de-organization.

Then there is high praise for Stephen Harper and his vigorous stance on the military defence of the Canadian Arctic. What stance? Our capacity to defend  our Arctic is probably lower than it has ever been in our history. Nor can it recover. Harper has committed out defence budget for years to come on Canadian armed forces designed to help out in American wars.

Oh, and just guess which neighbouring country has been prominent in refusing to recognize Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic, is the biggest threat to it, and has many times violated it. So far,Mr.Harper hasn't made even a peep about that.

This column is pure gibberish and buzz words written by people who do not know how to communicate - and who have nothing to communicate.

2. The second jackass is the person who wrote the second editorial, "Jumping the gun".  This is a rant designed to build distrust of the public schools, including teachers and administrators, so we the public can be manipulated into letting AIMS and corporate leaders  interfere with them for private profit.. AIMS and other "think tanks" as well as The Moncton Times routinely use school closings due to weather as a means of fomenting that public distrust.

We know now that the day the schools were closed wasn't really bad. We didn't know that when the decision had to be made. . Even in these days of forecasting, only editors can see around corners to know what is going to happen. Mere mortals have to make guesses. This is a win-win situation for think tanks and ethiically defective editorial writers.If the school is closed, and the weather is not what was feared, then the administrators are incompetent. If the school doesn't close, and the weather causes death or injury, then the administrators are incompetent.

In ending, the editorial writer says the schools could have been open for at least three quarters of the day. Well, yes. That would be a very sound decision for someone who could see into the future. But as a piece of advice for how a school system should react to storm warnings, it's as useful as telling it to buy a deck of tarot cards.

And anyone who thinks that three quarters of a day is so crucial to a child's education obviously has no experience of teaching and no knowledge of education. 

But this is worse than ignorance. This is The Moncton Times doing what it so often does - pimping for corporations who want to make money out of our children. And that is really contemptible.

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