Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19:The Moncton T&T is playing its usual game.

The Monton times produced its second report on the "problem" of the civil service. This time, it is an interview with Donald Savoie of U do Moncton. Savoie certainly does have a distinguished reputation - particularly among neo-conservatives and industrialists.  He is a longtime friend and admirer of the Irving family and its interests. I am happy to see a deserving family get all the friendship and admiration that is lavished on them. But it does give a hint that Donald Savoie is not what one might call an independent.

In his interview, Professor Savoie comes down hard on the civil service of New Brnswick. In particular, he says its bureaucracy is the real power in the province; and that is the real problem that must be addressed.

And that is such nonsense that only a professor could take it seriously. If he can keep up the writing nonsense like that, he'll become a university president and get the Order of Canada in no time.

Civil service bureaucrats do not appoint themselves. If they did, I would certainly join in the attack on them. But they don't appoint themselves. Politicians appoint them. Politicians also have the power to overrule them, fire them, demote them. Doesn't that suggest we should be looking at the politicians as the source of at least part of our problem?

The politicians of New Brunswick are themselves the products of two forces.

One force is the failure of most of the news media in this province to tell the truth. Instead, they publish propaganda lightened by trivia. All the English papers are owned by one family which also has a strong interest in who gets into power. How can the public make a sensible choice on the basis of that?

It costs money to get elected. It costs so much that most of it comes from private sources. And that means the most of it is not be be found in the ten dollar bills we peasants have to spare. Most of it comes from the wealthy and large corporations. And that goes to the Liberals and Conservatives - two parties that give no indication of even understanding the words liberal and conservative. Both understand, though, the importance of money, and of keeping big donors happy.

That might help to explain Awlard's choice of Minister of Finance. Yep. Premier Alward listens to people. It's just that he listens to some peoplle more than others.

If bureaucrats have too much power, the problem does not start with the civil service. It starts with biased and servile journalists, with politicians bankrupt of  political ethics and of any political philosophy, and as servile as The Moncton Times is.

Yes, there is a problem with the civil service, Professor Savoie. But it isn't caused by civil servants. It's caused because politicians, press and voters all bow to where the real problem lies - the monopoly of power and influence by a very tiny group of people who are not elected.

The problem is that New Brunswick is a "just pretend" democracy. And you are its most distinguished "just pretend" expert.

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