Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb. 23: Is the Moncton Times deliberately trying to dumb us all down?

On Jan.27, almost a month ago, an American named Raymond Davis stepped onto a street in Lahore, Pakistan, and shot two men. The American government immediately announced he could not be arrested (he already had been) because he had diplomatic immunity and that he had simply been defending himself against two thieves. For almost a month that story has been accepted by the American press, though the truth has been carried in reputable news media around the world.

It was two days ago the New York Times told some of the truth, and it admitted that the American press had been asked by the White House to cover up the truth. It allowed them to speak (though only some of them did) after it was obvious the true story was readily available through the British press and through the BBC.

Davis is not a diplomat. He never was. He is a very senior CIA agent. The men he killed were not thieves; and they did not attack him. Pakistan intelligence had caught on to him much earlier, and the men he killed had been assigned to follow him. (Another man was killed by a car from the US consulate in Lahore which was racing to rescue him from arrest.) Most Americans still don't know that. And it gets worse.

Pakistan is already in a frenzy over US drone bombing which has killed uncounted Pakistanis, most of them civilians, many of them children. Respected news media are reporting that Raymond Davis was a: closely involved in choosing targets for drones and b: was in regular touch with the Taliban to supply it with "fissionable material" and biological poisons. The implication is he was setting them up for a terror attack on the US which would be used to justify an American assault on Pakistan. The latter points are not confimed, though it is confirmed he had many Taliban contacts at a  high level.

Anyone who is not scared by the implications of this is a damn fool. Obvously, the US has been playing a very dangerous game in Pakistan. Now, we have to face the consequences - all of which are bad, and some of which could be a terrible as anything we have known - and we are likely to become involved.

Headline on today's Moncton Times&Transcript?  "Airport runway to be extended." On the News Today section? "Tories, NDP to discuss federal budget." Editorial? "MHS building must be preserved." The word Pakistan does even appear anywhere. This is quite likely to become the biggest news story we have experienced in our lifetimes. The information has been out there for a long time. Every major news agency in the world has known it, though many have not published it. It has been available on the web almost from the start. Maybe we should all chip in and but The Moncton Times an internet hookup.

This is a newspaper of triviality. Keep people quiet. Keep them uninformed. Keep them entertained in the simplest manner possible. Such, apparently, are the mottos of The Moncton Times&Transcript.

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  1. In case the writer has not noticed this "newspaper" ignoring what realy IS news didn't just start today. Major stories such as the one outlined above rarely "make the cut" what all the triviality carried on a daily basis. Time and time again I have looked for stories of major importance that have been reported elsewhere but do not find them in this newspaper. Time and time again the deaths of fairly well-known people in the worlds of politics or sports or entertainent (to name a few) are not reported; yet the newspaper is full of free adds disguised as news stories. Part of the problem, in my possibly unschooled opinion, is that the people tasked with the daily production of the newspaper lack the experience or the know how required for such a responsible job. It would seem that the only real items of importance to those youngsters are whether a certain so-called celebrity did anything at all "yesterday" or whether some guitar player or motor cycle driver is coming to Moncton . (Oops, almost forgot the guy from KISS.) the youngsters in charge is what is important. I suspect worrying about Pakistan and a possibly world-wide conflagration wuld just make their heads hurt. (As with Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, they'll worry about that tomorrow.)
    We really do need a newspaper but it ain't gonna happen.......the Irvings should be embarrased but apparantly as long as the paper makes money it just doesn't matter. (Of course none of that family have ever been accused of being intellectuals, now have they?????) Just born into the right family....similar to Prince Charles.
    t gona happen_