Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb. 22: A good day, as days go, for the Moncton TandT

There was, blessedly, no free advertising, no venom, no propaganda in today's Moncton Times. There wasn't much news, either. I don't understand how a newspaper could have appeared today with a news section that didn't mention Pakistan. This is probably the most dangerous of all the world's trouble spots right now. American and Canadian news media have known much of the truth of what is going on there since it started.  But they haven't told us. The New York Times admitted today it joined the coverup on orders from the White House. (But I guess the news editor of The Moncton Times is too busy to read the New York Times.)

This could very well be our next war. But don't worry. The Moncton Times might carry a letter to the editor about it.

Otherwise, it was a half-decent, if trivial, issue. But it was graced by an excellent story in a section where I leasted expected it. Life and Times usually reads like a supermarket tabloid. "Ken is cheating on Barbie". "Is Barbie carrying Kermit's baby?"  All that schlock about celebrities who are famous for being celebrities. It was still more of the same today. But the feature story was well worth a read. It was headed "Undeserving Oscars", and it is a history of best movies that didn't win. It's a fascinating look at the politics of the Oscars. It's well  written, interesting, and worth a read even if just of the section dealing with Orson Welles.

Can't we get this sort of thing more often in that section? I mean, I'm sure it wouldn't offend the boss -so there's no risk.

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