Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb. 2: Something new and good in The Moncton TandT

No, it's not the the front page. That keads with the usual non-news story that is really a free ad. And, for the third issue in a row, it's an ad for U2. And again, it's written in an cutesy, amateurish style that the Moncton TandT seems to require of its staff writer.s Similarly, the editorial is a routine piece of small town boosterism. The only part of the editorial worth reading is the final sentence. "Their vision and hard work is commendable." The paper should give a prize for the first elementary school student to spot the error in that sentence.

But just below that sentence is something good. The one strength of The Moncton Times is that it carries some very respectable regular columnists. But the guest columnists are often pretty trashy. (I think, in particular, of the propaganda spewed by neo-conservative think tanks, and the by occasional guest politician.) But there is a guest columnist today at the bottom of the editorial page who is well worth a read. It's by Jean-Claude Basque: "Is NB abdicating its responsibility in the fight against poverty?"

M. Basque doesn't have one of them there real fancy titles like "Distinguished Presidential Fellow of World Studies in the Future". He's just listed as a well-known member of the Common Front for Social Justice. But he's a better read than all the distinguished research and economic and consultant fellows of all thoe phoney think tanks put together.

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  1. Wow.......Thursday's "newspaper" was well worth waiting for.......a page one story on THE RIVALRY CUP....What a surprise.