Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb. 1: Sometimes, it's just bloody juvenile

Almost half the front page of today's The Moncton Times and Tribune is taken up with one, huge, "Oh, I'm gonna die. I'm just gonna die" story. It's all about how U2 is coming to Moncton and how the whole world will know all about Moncton. The main story begins in the usual, "oh, I'm just going to die" fashion with "Sometimes in life, something exceeds your expectations." This, it seems, is one of those great moments. You know. Like having quintuplets. Or getting a free donut at the coffee shop. The rest of the article is just as good - juvenile hype to appeal to the very young and to the young in head.

The editrorial was the same pure gush. Please tell me it wasn't actually written by an editor.

Second page big news? There's a rumour that Prince William and Kate Middelton are planning a visit to Canada after their wedding. And if they do, why, then maybe they might come to NB. Well, if the royal couple-to-be read the Feb. 2 of The Moncton Times&Transcript, they'll be sure to visit this city that the whole world is talking about. Maybe we could have the new hockey rink done it time for them.

On a less important note (bottom of p. 1), parents outraged by the closure of MCHS and of the inconvenience this has caused other schools had another public meeting. Maybe a hundred people were there. That's better than the one percent or so who attended their first rally. This one drew, perhaps, over 5%. But with all the media coverage they have received, and with the organizational support of prominent Liberals, that's a pretty piddling turnout.

Nice of the Liberals to get interested, though, since they helped so much to create this mess; and since they didn't have anything that could seriously be called an education platform in their last campaign. In fact, a liberal organizer of the meeting old me during the election campaign that the important thing is to train children for the global economy. There were two problems with that.
1. She had no idea what they needed to learn for a global economy.
2. She was unaware we have been living in a global economy for centuries. That's why Columbus is a famous name in history.
Oh - Another coincidence. The editorial page also has a big comment from Brian Lee Crowley of the MacDonald-Laurier Institute for Public Policy -another one of those neo-conservative think tanks that pimps for big business. Actually, there's another coincidence, he was also the founding president of Atlantic Institute of Market Studies.

However, unlike most of those propaganda think-tankers, he doesn't have a fancy pants title.. He's just director-general of the MacDonald Laurier, and before that he was just president of AIMS. I mean, it's not like he was a Distinguished Presidential Supreme Research Fellow of the Future of Everything.
I still think those outfits should have Imperial Wizards. It would sound neat.

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