Friday, January 7, 2011

Jan. 7 - The little editorial that (almost) could

Not long ago, The Moncton Times editorial and reporting staff were dumping all over the superintendent and the district education council for the dilapidation of school buildings in general, and the catastrophic state of Moncton High in particular. When some one percent of angry parents gathered to protest the closing of the dangerous school, the news media all covered it as the major story of the day. In fact, a demonstration by one percent of the parent is no story at all. And no news service worthy of the hame would have paid any attention to it. But they were all out for educational blood.

The Moncton Times has since had to back off as is has been shown that the blame for neglect lay with the provincial governments. But it did so in its usual classless way, not expressing any apology for its false accusations - and not explaining why its reporting staff had not been asking questions about the obvious neglect years ago.

Today, the editorial writer seemed to come full circle, demanding the government find the money to maintain the schools properly. The editorial calls on Alward to take immediate action.

I found it puzzling. It's a sensible editorial. That's rare.

Then I read the last paragraph.

"Public-private partnerships for every school would work."

Of course. We should contract out school maintenance to private business. Why, then it wouldn't cost anything, would it?

 Only somebody dumb enough to read The Moncton Times editorials (I plead guilty) could believe that. If you privatize you have to pay the repair costs ---PLUS a profit. It's not cheaper. It's more expensive.

As usual, The Moncton Times is taking its lead from AIMS and corporate New Brunswick. They all want corporate New Brusnwick to get its greedy fingers into our education budget. They don't give a damn about the chldren - except as items on the open market.

Oh, Norbert Cunningham had a good column about books and reading. But I suggest he get a good book about World War One.  The British did win the Battle of Jutland. It took heavier casuaties than the Germans did. But it was the German navy that fled back to harbour - and stayed there. The British fleet remained in control of the sea. That's how a winner is decided in battle. You don't count the dead on each side. You look to see who retreated and who stayed.

Oh - yeah. The German fleet was not interned at a port in the Orkneys. Not until the war ended in 1918 was the German fleet ordered to sail to the Orkneys as a war prize for the British. It was on that final sortie that the Germans scuttled their ships.

But, hey, I'm being picky. It was a good column. I prefer books to e readers, too.

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